Abita Brewery Tour with Merevin

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The afternoon before the rehearsal dinner for Kevin and my wedding, we invited our wedding party and other early arriving guests to join us for the Abita Brewery Tour in Abita Springs, Louisiana. We thought this would be a great way for all of our friends and immediate family to get gather before any wedding related events and have a good time as a group. And boy were we right!

Everyone that arrived a day early for the wedding was easily able to join us for the afternoon tour. Not only was the Abita Brewery not far from where everyone was staying, it was a perfect open format where everyone could catch up, be loud, and have a couple of beers. The tour was also a great way to get everybody excited for the upcoming festivities of the Merevin Wedding while still learning about a local piece of New Orleans culture.

Visitors learn how to use the beer taps during the Abita Brewery Tour.

Kevin Banogon learns to pour beer from a tap at the Abita Brewery Tour.

Visitors wait in line to pour their own beer at the Abita Brewery Tour in Abita Springs, Louisiana.

The Abita Brewery Tour Experience

The tour of the Abita Brewery begins as you enter the Tasting Room at the front of the brewery where you gather with fellow visitors. The tour begins as you are greeted and promptly taught how to serve your own beer from the tap behind the bar. This skill is immediately put to use as you are invited to come behind the bar and serve yourself the first of many beers. But hold onto your cups since you will be refilling them frequently!

As you enjoy your first Abita Beer, you are asked to watch two brief videos introducing the history of the Abita brand and brewery, and its place in the culture of the New Orleans area. Of course after the videos are over, you are once again invited to refill your cup before the tour of the facility begins.

Jefferson and Corinne Drohan get ready for their tour through the Abita Brewery.

Charlene Kirstin waits for the Abita Brewery tour to start as she enjoys a beer she poured herself.

The Abita Brewery Tour starts with a brief explanation about the history of the brewery.

Visitors begin their tour of the Abita Brewery by entering the brewing facility.

Touring the Facility at the Abita Brewery

After ensuring that your cup is filled, the actual brewery tour begins. Visitors enter the brewery through an unassuming door, identified only by the sign above denoting that it is, in fact, the door to the brewery. You are then ushered through the rows of brewing tanks until an open area known as the Brewhouse is reached. It is here that the tour gathers and the guide describes the process behind brewing beer and the unique steps the Abita Brewery takes to deliver their brew.

As you follow the guide back through the rows of tanks, they describe the logistics of brewing and storing such a large amount of beer at a time. Guests are most intrigued by the fact that one of these tanks can hold enough beer to serve every person in a sold out Saints game in the Superdome and still have beer left over.

The large tanks seen as part of the Abita Brewery Tour.

Close toed shoes must be covered during the Abita Brewery Tour.

The tour enters the Brewhous during the Abita Brewery Tour.

Meredith Lambert and Paul Lambert enjoy their tour of the Abita Brewery.

Completing the Abita Brewery Tour

The entire tour of the Abita Brewery facility takes about 20 to 30 minutes and, although brief, is very informative. Upon returning to the Tasting Room, the tour group is once again invited to fill their cups and mingle about in the space. While you are, of course, encouraged to visit the Gift Shop in the front of the space, you are also welcome to just relax, talk, and continue filling your cup at the tap behind the bar.

The entire tour time takes two hours from start to finish. If your tour started at 2pm, you are kindly asked to leave around 4pm as they close the Tasting Room for the day. The majority of that time is truly spent mingling as you drink beer. Since the entire tour is free and so is the beer consumed during the tour, visitors can easily consume 3 or 4 beers with no worries.

Visitors to the Abita Brewery enter the area of the facility known as the Cellar.

The Abita Brewery Tour is a great stop for friends and families.

Paul Lambert and his friend enjoy a cold Abita Beer at the end of the tour.

A Wedding Party Brewery Tour

The Abita Brewery Tour ended up being a perfect pre-wedding activity for our wedding party and early arriving guests! We were all able to greet each other, talk freely, and relax in a public setting without any wedding related worries. The fact that it was free also made it very easy for everyone to join, even if they didn’t care to partake in the beer. When the tour came to a close, we were all able to go off to prepare for the rehearsal dinner loose and excited for the rest of the festivities to begin!

Kevin Banogon and Gerry Cabrera had a good time at the Abita Brewery Tour.

Even the young ones enjoy the Abita Brewery Tour in Abita Springs.

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