Apgar Village and Lake MacDonald with Merevin

Published: 10/10/13 3:35 AM in National, North America, Travel.

During the final hours of our final day in Glacier National Park, we decided to drive to the west side of the park to Apgar Village and spend a couple of hours on the shore of Lake MacDonald.

When we arrived at Apgar Village, we realized that this area of Glacier was much more linked to the towns outside the park. There were a variety of different types of gift shops and a couple of restaurants that were not directly a part of the park. This was also one of the only areas within Glacier that we all had any cell phone service! This small convenience gave us all a brief respite from our self-imposed disconnection.

Apgar Village was very cute and peaceful, however the true sight to behold was the view of Lake MacDonald. The lake and the mountains in the distance were so beautiful that they seemed completely unreal. The picturesque view was like a still from a nature documentary or a section of a great work of art. We all found it difficult to tear ourselves away from the shores of Lake MacDonald.

We ended up enjoying dinner at one of the restaurants in Apgar Village before we headed back to our camp at Many Glacier Campground for our last night in the park. The next morning, we packed up camp and headed back down to Bozeman for the remainder of our Montana trip.



This store was called The Cedar Tree, a very fitting name as there were two large cedar trees growing up through the interior of the store. The store had some pretty nice things, but was mostly a gift shop.




It is hard to take a less than beautiful picture of Lake MacDonald’s scenic view. Gerry seems perfectly at home surrounded by the beauty and peace of Glacier National Park.




Ger-bear takes a moment to get to know the local bear inhabitants of Apgar Village. This guy lives in one of the local restaurants where we stopped for dinner.


Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to Glacier National Park!


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