Banogon Family Reunion

Published: 08/26/13 3:24 AM in Asia, Travel.

During our time in La Libertad, the Banogon clan gathered for a lovely family reunion. This reunion was very special since it was the first time Kevin was surrounded by his family in the Philippines since he was about 7 years old! It was also very special for me since I got to meet his entire family for the first time.

The Banogon Family Reunion was filled with games, memories, and of course plenty of delicious food! The Lalimar Resort was really the perfect location for the festivities since the entire family was able to spend the night there and continue the celebration into the next day!

The Banogon Family Reunion started with a catholic mass at the local church.

All the Banogon siblings gather during the family reunion.

The Banogon siblings and their spouses enjoy the family reunion.

After mass at the local Catholic church, there was some time set aside for family pictures. The first picture is of Kevin’s father and his brothers and sisters. The one directly above is of the Banogon siblings and their spouses. While the ones below are of the entire family that was able the Banogon Family Reunion in La Libertad.

The entire Banogon Clan is gathered together for a family reunion.

The Banogon Clan takes a silly picture together during the family reunion.



Afterward we all headed over to the La Libertad graveyard to visit and pay our respects to the deceased members of the Banogon clan. It is always lovely to spend sometime with a family as, together, they honor those that have passed. The area where more recent family members are laid to rest is marked by a fence labelled Banogon.



Then we all headed to the Lalimar Resort to truly begin the family reunion with food and games! There was a great slideshow of the entire family and speeches made to open and close the reunion. We also played many games that left everybody laughing and ensured we all had a good time.



If there is one thing we did the most while we were in the Philippines, it was eat! Everybody wanted to feed us even when we had just eaten. The family reunion was no different and there was plenty of much food to be eaten. Including Lechon, a whole pig cooked in it’s entirety that is typically served at large gathering of family and/or friends. Kevin and I are pretty use to lechon now since we live in Miami where is is commonly served, but this was our first lechon in the Philippines.




It was amazing to see Kevin’s family completely gathered together for the first time. Their love and closeness strongly reminded me of my own family back in New Orleans. This actually made me quite sad since Kevin and his brother have been the long distance family for their whole lives and never got the chance to fully be a part of this close-knit group of aunts, uncles, and cousins.



Of course we all ended the night with a little harmless family drinking! It was a simple game, just go around the table and take a shot when it is your turn. Nothing says family reunion like drinking some tequila.

Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to The Philippines!


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