Barcelona, Spain with Merevin

Published: 07/18/13 3:16 AM in Europe, Travel.

Kevin and I traveled to Barcelona, Spain in September of 2010. Although the trip was ultimately for a school project, we had plenty of time to explore the city on our own. Since this was the first time either of us had beed to Europe, we wanted to make sure we soaked up as much of the experience as possible in the 12 days we were there.

Wandering Through Barcelona

Since we visited the city with a class of Landscape Architecture students and two professors, we spent the majority of our time studying the intricate details of Barcelona’s urban design. We also spent quite a bit of time visiting the unique parks of the city, such as Park Güell and Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

Visiting the city was like a Landscape Architecture students dream! The parks were very cared for and utilized, public transportation was the main way people moved around the city, and Ramblas were perfect balances of street traffic, foot traffic, and greenery. The entire city also had a very functioning public bike system that allowed citizens to traverse the city without a car.

The public markets were full of color and life. Although they were also quite a bit intimidating for a person that is not fluent in spanish. It was definitely a comfort to both Kevin and myself to have a class full of spanish speaking friends that could help us navigate our way through the market.



The colors found throughout the open air markets were so bright and luscious that it made you want to buy every piece of fruit you saw. The fruit juices were even more tempting on a hot day! They were definitely worth the purchase for a refreshing break from all the walking done while touring the city.




It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful candy can look, especially when it is laid out so beautifully in an open air market. I could resist and had to buy some to snack on during the rest of the trek around the city.



Another beautiful feature of the city were the hidden pocket parks that you could stumble upon at any moment. They were very peaceful and serene, allowing for a quiet moment hidden from the rest of the city.








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