Biking around Barcelona, Spain

Published: 07/19/13 3:25 AM in Europe, Travel.

Our first full day in Barcelona, we decided to experience the city by bike and see how this mode of transportation functioned in such an urban city! We rented some bicycles from a nearby business and began biking the well planned streets of the city.

The hardest part of the whole experience was probably choosing a place to rent the bikes from. There were so many options and sometimes it is hard to determine if you are getting ripped off because you are a tourist or if you are getting a fair price. We ended up using Barcelona Ciclo Tour, but electing to navigate the city ourselves as opposed to joining one of their tours. This ended up working out better for our schedule.

Exploring Barcelona by Bike

Overall we really enjoyed exploring the city in this fashion. The dedicated bike lanes located in the middle of the large pedestrian spaces in the middle of the road made it extremely easy to maneuver around the city safely and efficiently. The greenways really made the foot traffic feel safe from the busy surrounding traffic of an urban center.

Since this was our first day in the city, we decided to spend our time enjoying the scenery of the city and not worry abut actually visiting any of the popular tourist spots. For instance, we biked by major monuments and structures without actually stopping to go in.

This made our first day all about exploration and getting to know the city. It was truly a great way to introduce yourself to Barcelona so that you can begin to explore deeper from a place of knowledge.




Barcelona Ciclo Tours ended up being a great place to rent the bikes from. The staff were very helpful with getting us set up for the ride and the bikes were in excellent condition. Biking around the city was a great experience and it is also a very affordable option for transportation.




As we toured the city by bike, we frequently came across the famous structures of the city. It seems like the entire urban core is filled with the same structures that fill our history of architecture textbooks. As a student of art and architecture, the entire trip was like a three dimensional journey through my textbooks. Biking through the city was like a quick read through the table of contents.



The city has a great bicycle program in place for its citizens to use as their main mode of transportation. The program is called Bicing and it allows people to use any bike at a given station. After they use the bike for their commute, they return it to any nearby Bicing station. It is a great public program that really shows how dedicated the city is to pedestrians as opposed to vehicles.




We stopped and enjoyed a casual lunch of street food by the harbor. The spot was very peaceful and picturesque and allowed us all to have a still moment from our bicycle tour of Barcelona.




La Rambla is a perfect example of a pedestrian condition. As can be seen in the picture above, the pedestrian traffic completely takes over the street at every chance it gets.



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