Boulder, Colorado with Merevin

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In December 2008, Kevin and I traveled to Boulder, Colorado to visit our friends Andrew, Scott, and Vanessa. This trip was pretty important for a couple reasons; it was Kevin and I’s first trip together and it was Kevin’s first time seeing snow!

During our week in Boulder, Colorado we tried to explore as much as we could while enduring the cold that we were completely unaccustomed to. With our friends leading us we visited a number of interesting sites! Including the Denver Aquarium and Boulder Falls.

Kevin Banogon arrives safely in Boulder Colorado.

Kevin Banogon sees snow for the first time.

As you can see, Kevin’s first time seeing snow was very exciting for us all. However after running around frantically, he soon realized that when snow melts, it becomes water, and in the cold weather the water is cold. Despite the cold, it was still an extremely good time!

Meredith Lambert enjoys the Boulder snow.

Kevin Banogon meets up with friends in Boulder, Colorado

Meredith Lambert visits the Denver Aquarium.
Merevin visits a very frozen Boulder Colorado.

Merevin visits friends in Boulder, Colorado.

While in Boulder, we had to take a moment to do some sledding! So we found the nearest hill and starting riding down it. It was a lot of fun, but we definitely needed a better sled.

Meredith Lambert enjoys the cold weather.

Merevin goes sledding with friends in Boulder, Colorado.

Meredith Lambert stays warm in the cold.

Kevin Banogon enjoys the mountain view.

This wintery overlook of the town of Boulder, Colorado was very beautiful. It was an easy hike, most of the path you complete in your car, so it was easy to do in the winter weather. The height allowed for a beautiful view of the town and the surrounding mountains.

Kevin Banogon stands on top of a mountain.

Merevin gets cozy in the cold.
The view of Boulder, Colorado from a mountain top.

The frozen Boulder Falls in Boulder, Colorado.

Merevin poses in front of Boulder Falls in Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder Falls was a beautiful and easy day hike right outside the town of Boulder, Colorado. Since we were there during the winter, the entire waterfall and river was frozen. It was incredible walking on top the frozen water and hearing the water underneath still rushing down.

Merevin and friends hang out at Boulder Falls.

Meredith Lambert sits in front of Boulder Falls.


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