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Published: 07/22/13 3:20 AM in Europe, Travel.

During one of our days in Barcelona, we rode the tourist bus around the city. This bus tour was a very convenient way to see all the famous sights around the city without having to worry about how you were going to get from place to place.

Since you are able to ride the bus and got off whenever you want to see something in particular, you want to make sure that you have pre-decided on the places you want to see. However I would also suggest making sure to rife the bus tour through its full loop. It is a great chance to see some parts of the city you may not have planned on visiting.

Even though I found this bus tour to be very convenient, I would not consider it the main way to see all the major sights. There are just too many to see them all in one day and each of them deserve the time and attention of an exploratory visit.

Getting the Most Out of Our Bus Tour Around Barcelona

In order to ensure that we got to visit all the major spots we didn’t want to miss, we sat down before our bus tour and looked at all the potential stops along the three loops offered by Bus Turístic. We also decided which were the more important to make sure that we didn’t spend too much time one place and miss out on a major stop.

It really comes down to planning to make sure that you get everything you want out of your time on the bus tour. In the end, we had extra time to stop at a couple places we didn’t plan on stopping at.




Casa Batlló is a beautiful residence designed by Antoni Gaudí. Kevin and I actually took the time one morning to tour the house, but unfortunately our camera was stolen when we got back to Miami before we had a chance to off load the pictures. It really does suck since the interior was beautiful and a unique experience.





La Sagrada Família was definitely a highlight of the trip. After years of reading about and studying this historic location, seeing it in person was unlike any picture or written description. If you have the chance, go visit. You will not be disappointed by the intricate design of this unfinished monument. I would love to go back to Barcelona to visit La Sagrada Família when the construction is complete.




The bus tour was overall a great way to experience the colorful city of Barcelona. It was also a great way to see the change in the urban design throughout the city, from the density of the Gothic Quarter to the large city blocks of the modern areas.




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Barcelona Pavilion
Jardí Botànic de Barcelona

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