Busch Gardens Birthday

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This past October I turned 26! And I figured there was no better way to celebrate entering the tail-end of my mid-twenties than to be a kid again and go to Busch Gardens for my birthday! So I gathered up a few friends and headed to Tampa for a day of animals and roller coasters!

Enjoying Our Day at Busch Gardens

We celebrated my birthday at Busch Gardens the weekend before my actual birthday which also happens to be the weekend before Halloween. Therefore the main event taking place at the park is Howl-O-Scream, a giant haunted house event that transforms the theme park to be filled with fear inducing elements during night hours. Since most people make a trip to Busch Gardens in October to take part in this yearly event, the park was relatively empty during it’s normal day time hours. This meant that the lines were short and we were able to fully enjoy the entire park in the limited hours we had.

So naturally, we took advantage of the short lines by riding every roller coaster and similar thrill ride as much as possible! We were even able to sit down and take our time enjoying a delicious lunch.




The first stop we made was to the newest roller coaster at the park, Cheetah Hunt! And man were we not disappointed! The coaster starts you off by shooting you out of the gate immediately like a cheetah taking off after some prey. Then the entire experience mimics the motions of cheetah as it runs through the vegetation in pursuit of a meal. We were all highly satisfied with the coaster and even made it a point to revisit for a last ride right before we left the park for the day.





The Egyptian part of Busch Gardens is one of the most nostalgic areas for me since I have always loved the Montu. It was really nice to have the area mostly to ourselves in order to take pictures and goof around in general!






The tradition of stopping off to enjoy a beer at Busch Gardens is one we had to honor. So our resident beer king, Kyle, picked one to try out while we took a morning break.






As much fun as the River Rapids are to ride, there is an extra layer of terror when there is a chill in the air and you don’t want to get wet. This was the case on our trip and of course, we got soaked. If nothing else, we bounded in our shivering!




Although this ride may seem completely harmless, it is one of the more terrifying rides when you are a fully grown adult. The hairpin turns that may seem like nothing take on a completely different feel when you are able to see over the edge and feel like you are too big for the ride. This quickly became on of the more thrilling rides at the park.




While the boys of our group decided to ride the pirate ship that swings back and forth while eventually flipping, a couple of us decided to take it easy on the merry-go-round. We tried to pick the most exciting horse we could find and I think we were pretty successful. This guy was full of life as he whipped his mane in the air in pure joy!




As with any trip to Busch Gardens, there comes a point when all you want to do is look at the animals at the park. Well I guess they do kind of force you when you come to a long stretch of walkways in between rides that requires you to walk through the larger animal habitats. Well it is still fun! Although we all were pretty concerned about the tortoises wellbeing.





Like I said, we couldn’t resist a final ride on Cheetah Hunt so we made our way back to the coaster right before we left the park. The entire group enjoyed the ride and the day! Happy Birthday to Me!




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