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In early spring of 2011, Kevin and I traveled to Chicago, Illinois on our way to LABash 2011, a student run Landscape Architecture conference, at Perdue in West Lafayette, Indiana. We were only in the city for about 24hrs, but that didn’t stop us from exploring Chicago as much as possible!

Facing the Cold in Chicago, Illinois

As soon as we arrived in Chicago, our entire group was anxious to begin our exploration of the city and the famous parks that grace it’s waterfront. The first moments outside, however, we realized it was going to be significantly colder in the city than we excepted! Oh the windy city, how fickle you can be!

The bad thing about living in Florida is that you really aren’t prepared for the cold the way people from other states are. Because no matter how warm you may think your “winter coat” is, you have never had to actually test it in a situation that you NEED it. Therefore all your “winter clothes” end up being substandard cousins to there heavy duty counterparts. This means that when the weather is colder than a group of college kids from Florida expects it to be, we are all about twice as unprepared for it as other people would be.

Then when it started lightly snowing the first night we were in town, we all immediately raided the closest CVS (the only thing open at that time of night) for anything and everything they had in the way of warm clothing. We bought ear muffs, gloves, hats, scarves, and any other scrap of fabric that looked like it could provide warmth.

Regardless of the cold, we all had a great time in the flurries of snow! Because another thing about living/growing up in Florida is that snow retains its magical qualities of being rare, beautiful, and so much fun!

Exploring Chicago, Illinois in 24 Hours

After we moved on from the novelty of below 30 degree weather, we did begin exploring all the sights we could fit in during our 24 hour stay in the city. Starting with the food and the nearby Millennium Park!





We arrived in Chicago, Illinois in the late afternoon so the first thing we had to do was get ourselves some deep-dish pizza and start exploring the downtown area. During the cold, windy night we headed over to Millennium Park and explored the park in near solitude. Being students of Landscape Architecture, all of us had studied different aspects of this park through the years and were all excited to see it in person.







The city lights looked especially beautiful on this cold night and we all enjoyed having the city loom over us as we made our way exploring more. We ended the night when we decided that it had gotten too cold and the wind had become too intense. They definitely picked the right name when they decided on The Windy City.




One of the coolest places we visited was the Sky Deck at the Willis Tower. The height made for a beautiful view of the city of Chicago. However the Sky Deck was awesome! Standing on the glass floor at that height was a pretty thrilling and beautiful.






My biggest regret on this trip was not getting to fully explore the Art Institute of Chicago. Being a lover of Art History, I desperately wanted to spend a full afternoon or day exploring the museum at my leisure. However this was not possible with such a short amount of time in the city.

So since it was a Thursday and the museum was free to the public on Thursdays, we spent our last hour and a half at the Art Institute. There I promptly rushed throughout the building trying to see as many of the pieces I love as I possibly could before it was time to load up in the van and head to LABash 2011.


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