Day Hike at Sweetwater Creek State Park

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Atlanta is a city full of surprises. If you move to Atlanta to find a job, there are endless opportunities. If you move to Atlanta for a taste of life in a big city, you are sure to find what you are looking for. But if you move to Atlanta and are more interested in exploring the variation in the landscape, you may be surprised to find that you don’t have to travel far for what you seek. New Zealand train journeys are similar to the one Atlanta has to offer, they are a unique and popular way to discover this amazing country The mountains to the north offer the chance to experience the majesty while the rivers running through the city offer playful respites from the summer heat in their waterfalls, like Old Roswell Mill Falls along the Chattahoochee River.

Another outdoor asset that Atlanta treats with care is their beautiful State Parks. One of the State Parks that is located closest to the city is Sweetwater Creek State Park to the West of the perimeter. This park is a 2,549-acre area that contains hiking trails, yurts for overnight camping, and the ruins of a textile mill burned during the Civil War that was used as a filming location for The Hunger Games movie franchise. However, camping and hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains  the most beautiful part of the park are the rocky bluffs on the trails that provide views of the rapids running through the creek below.

An Atlanta day hike at Sweetwater Creek State Park in the fall.

Kevin Banogon hikes the trails at Sweetwater Creek State Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

A blue heron sits within the Sweetwater Creek on a sunny fall day.

Tarek Saudade watches the water at Sweetwater Creek State Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Meredith Lambert Banogon visits Sweetwater Creek State Park on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The fall waters of Sweetwater Creek Sates Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Visit to Sweetwater Creek State Park

On a peaceful Sunday, Kevin and I met up with a friend and his dog to hike through the trails at Sweetwater. We hiked along the Red Trail to visit the historic mill and then continued to the loop of the White Trail to get into the woods of the park and see the beautiful fall colors still hanging on to the trees. The trails were relatively easy with a few more difficult moments climbing over the rocky bluffs along the waters edge. Yet these were also the most beautiful spots to stop and watch the rushing water below. We even took a little break to play cards while sitting on top the rocks and soaking in the sun.

The park was a great place to disappear for a day and experience a taste of Atlanta’s history. The woods were full of beautiful and vibrant colors while the river was full of life. We would definitely recommend a visit to this park be put at the top of any visitors’ list. And if you live in Atlanta, it is a great escape from your daily routine to get outside and explore without having to travel too far.

Kevin Banogon hikes the trails at Sweetwater Creek State Park during a beautifully colorful fall.

A sunny afternoon hike around Sweetwater Creek State Park in Atlanta, Georgia.

The wide expanse of Sweetwater Creek running through the heart of the state park.

A fall hike through the fallen leaves in Sweetwater Creek State Park outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

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