Day Trip Trails in The Everglades

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During our day trip to the Everglades on this past year’s National Public Land’s Day in September. Kevin and I also hiked a few more short and simple trails in the Everglades directly off the main road through the south part of the park.

As we made our way deeper into the park, we stopped at three more trails; the Mahogany Hammock Trail, the Pinelands, and Pahayokee Overlook. All of these were simple trails that took under 20 minutes to complete and would be fine to do with you children or older family members. However, they did allow for some beautiful views of expansive environment of The Everglades National Park.

These trails are also part of our Everglades video so watch it to get a more wholesome snapshot of our afternoon enjoying a sunny Florida day outside! This trip into The Everglades truly was a great Miami day trip out of the city.

There are many different types of trails in the Everglades that lead into the wild.

Predetermined paths are the only way to penetrate the thick Everglades growth.

A broadwalk trail in the Everglades leads through the Mahogany trees.

The Shaded Boardwalk Trails in The Everglades

It felt great to get out of the heat and into the shade as we made our way into the thick tree cover along the boardwalk trails. However, a raised boardwalk means there is water, and fresh water in Florida more than likely means mosquitos. This especially true when that fresh water is the slow moving waters of the swamp. Definitely don’t want to forget the repellant.

As we made our way along the shaded walkways, we were able to appreciate the thick wildness that exist in the Florida Everglades. Although the majority of this National Park is made up of the flat marsh populated by thick tuffs of Fakahatchee grass, the tangled masses of trees that dot the horizon are beautiful in their convoluted nature.

Kevin Banogon, Meredith Lambert, and Devin Thompson explore the trails in the Everglades.

Meredith Lambert, Kevin Banogon, and Devin Thompson take a GoPro selfie along the trails in the Everglades.

Resurrection Ferns found on the Oak Trees along the Trails in the Everglades.

Kevin Banogon takes a selfie with the largest Mahogany Tree in the United States found in the Everglades.

Visiting the Largest Mahogany Tree in the US

The Mahogany Hammock Trail offers a treat along its boardwalk that both delights and inspires. Within the twisting branches of gumbo limbos and strangling figs, there is a break from the mass where a beautiful specimen lives. This specimen is the largest living mahogany tree in the United States.

Standing tall and proud, this mahogany tree is surprisingly easy to miss. In fact we zipped through the entire trail so fast, trying to avoid mosquitos, that we completely missed the large tree the first time around. However, we quickly doubled back and located the beauty whose thick branches reach up toward the sun, covered in bromeliads and resurrection ferns.

The largest Mahogany Tree in the United States stands tall along the Mahogany Hammock Trail in the Everglades.

Meredith Lambert, Kevin Banogon, and Devin Thompson take a Gopro selfie with the largest Mahogany Tree in the United States.

A beautiful view off the boardwalk along a trail in the Everglades.

Down the wooden boardwalk along a short trail in the Everglades.

Devin Thompson strikes a pose along a trail in the Everglades.

A panoramic view of the peace found in The Everglades.

Sunset Along the Trails in the Everglades

We finished up our day of exploring the simple trails in the Everglades by watching the beginning of a beautiful sunset over the swamp. The greens of the vegetation blurred together in an encompassing tone of brown on its way to black as the wind slightly picked up speed. We made our way back to the car and we headed out of the Everglades similar to how we enter them; with a smile on our faces and the heat of the day clinging to our skin.

The day trip out to The Everglades was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And with little prior planning and preparation, we were able to have great day outdoors!

The peace that comes with a sunset in The Everglades.

A Gopro selfie out the sun roof of a Subaru Forestor while driving through The Everglades.

Devin Thompson takes a selfie out of the sun roof of a Subaru Forestor.

On the way back home after a great day trip to The Everglades.

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