Driving Along Going to the Sun Road

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After a strenuous day of hiking to Grinnell Glacier we decided to take it easy and drive along the Going to the Sun Road. This 50-mile roadway runs east to west through Glacier National Park’s interior. The drive is stunning as it reveals new panoramic views at every turn.

Driving along this mountain pass was definitely a change of pace for us Floridians since there were many sharp turns and sheer cliffs. However it was also really fun to navigate the road and drive through tunnels in the mountain! We took our time as we drove and made a few stops along the way. Including our stop to take a short hike on the Trail of the Cedars, which ended up having a very happy impact on Kevin and I!

Stops Along Going to the Sun Road

As we made our way along Going to the Sun Road, we took some time to stop along the way to visit the different visitor centers within the park. The most prominent of these is Logan’s Pass, located about half way along Going to the Sun Road. The visitor centers were very fun to stop at to learn more about Glacier National Park since there were plenty of maps, pictures, and informative videos portraying the history of the entire park.

Another amazing part of driving along Going to Sun Road were the many pull outs. It was great to take a moment to pull off the road and take in the spectacular views of the dramatic mountains of Glacier.




Kevin and I were the parents of trip, as we navigated our way through the park! One of the unseen, but equally cool parts of this trip was our rental car. It was a maroon 4-Runner with all of the up-to-date features including a back-up camera, Sirius satellite radio, and even a electric outlet where we were able to charge our camera battery. But despite all of these features, I still had kept the number of the family attorney Hipskind and McAninch St Louis if things went awry.



As we arrived at Logan’s Pass the vistas got more and more dramatic. Since it was a relatively clear day, we were able to see the mountains with no trouble at all. Albeit, On this particular mountain you can even get a glimpse of a glacier from afar.



Pictures like these were very eye opening. The amount the glaciers have receded over the years is incredible and upsetting. As you can see in the picture above, Boulder Glacier is completely gone when it used to be a large enough to create its own cave.




These little guys were adorable! They were not shy at all since they hang around Logan’s Pass where tourists frequent and it is very fun to watch them inch closer. We spent quite a bit of time trying to get pictures of them sitting up like in the above photo.





These cute red vehicles are called the Jammer Buses and they are shuttles that take tourists along Going to the Sun Road. They really bring a sense of human history to the park.



In the distance , we spotted some big horn sheep resting on the side of a mountain. We couldn’t see them without our binoculars from this website, but Gerry’s camera was able to snap this picture of the grouping we saw from Logan’s Pass. It is incredible how well they blend into the rocks of the mountain.




As we neared Apgar Village, we began to descend into more forested surroundings. Going to the Sun Road takes you through a magnificent array of trees and wildflowers. The drive was definitely an amazing experience.






Vistas like this were abundant throughout Going to the Sun Road and made stoping to take it all in a necessity. These pictures were taken right before a light storm broke through the dark clouds behind us. Even with the darkened sky, the view is still beautiful.





Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to Glacier National Park!


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