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One of our days in La Libertad, we took a three hour road trip to Dumaguete City all the way at the southern end of the island of Negros. Dumaguete City is the home of Silliman University, the place Kevin’s mother attended college. The city is nicknamed The City of Gentle People and it is the chief city in the providence of Negros Oriental.

Spending the day in Dumaguete City

The entire day was pretty exhausting, but the city was an adventure! We started off with an exploration of the Dumaguete mall since we arrived in town before the city had truly awakened. In the middle of the atrium of the mall, a large court enclosed in a flexible netting was set up. Later that afternoon, when we returned to the mall, we discovered that the court was for a Larong Sipa tournament.

Larong Sipa is a pretty impressive sport that is basically a combination of volleyball, hackie-sack, and soccer. The players pass a ball to each other as they volley over a net a little higher than their heads. Unlike volleyball, the passing and volleying is preformed while only using the players’ feet. The ball is a small wicker ball that moves pretty quickly and makes for a small target.

The day continued with a slight tour of Silliman University’s campus. Kevin’s mother told us about her time at the university as we walked through the buildings.

Our final stop was at the amazing shell collection of a family friend. The collection was very impressive and the displays were interesting to look through.

Meredith Lambert travels in a van to Dumaguete City.

Meredith Lambert and Kevin Banogon enjoy a couple of steamed buns on the way to Dumaguete City.

Although our time in the bus traveling from here to there was fun, we began to lovingly refer to our vehicle as the ‘Magic Hot Bus’. Satisfying A/C is not very common in The Philippines, especially inside of vehicles. And when you have that many people inside of one vehicle, the airflow is even worse. So grab a seat on the ‘Magic Hot Bus’.

A stop at Jollibee in Dumaguete City for breakfast.

Driving through the streets of Dumaguete City.
A view of Canlaon Volcano from Dumaguete City.

Watching a team play some Larong Sipa in the Dumaguete Mall.

Watching Larong Sipa was thrilling. The ease at which these guys were able to kick a small wicker ball to each other and over the net was really fun to watch! It was lucky their was a match that afternoon, and coincidentally, we ended up meeting the players later in the week during our time in Canlaon.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert stop at Silliman University to tour the campus.

The Banogon family tour Silliman University in Dumaguete City.

The Silliman University campus map in Dumaguete City.

Silliman University is a pretty large and impressive campus! Interestingly, for the first half of the 20th century, the university was run and operated by Americans, but is 1952 the first Filipino was named president. It is a beautiful campus covered in beautiful trees and lovely old buildings.

A brief stop at Shell Garden outside of Dumaguete City.

Shell Garden outside of Dumaguete City is a lovely stop.

Kevin Banogon listens in to a large shell at Shell Garden outside of Dumaguete City.

This Shell Garden outside of Dumaguete City was unique and beautiful. We spent a lot of time looking through the various shells on display. The best part of the entire collection was the passion and love of the collector. He was ready to tell you everything he could about any one of the pieces.

A preserved blowfish at Shell Garden outside of Dumaguete City.

Stylized coconuts at Shell Garden outside of Dumaguete City.

The curator of the Shell Garden outside of Dumaguete City.

The whole group poses for a picture in Shell Garden.

The Banogon Family stops at a friends house for dinner outside of Dumaguete Cuty.

Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to The Philippines!


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