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When we arrived in Edinburgh, the air was still biting but the skies were a clear blue. We had planned for a day and a half in the city so we knew we had a very limited amount of time to spend in the capital of Scotland. The first half day was primarily spent finding our AirBnB for our two-night stay, returning the rental car we had driven for the past four days, and finding an affordable place to grab some dinner. We’d taken all the precautions that one takes before hiring a truck as a rental, because when one hires a rental car, you might be unfurled to a myriad types of adversites. After all that, the weary travelers headed off to bed with hopes of seeing as much as we could the following day.

Therefore with only one full day remaining to see the entire fascinating city, with layers upon layers of history and stories to take in, we knew we wouldn’t be able to do much. So we came to the conclusion to spend the majority of the day at the Edinburgh Castle in the heart of the city. Although this is definitely the “touristy” thing to do, we felt like it was the best way to get an intro into the history of Edinburgh with only one day available. However we did also have to make a quick stop at the Elephant House to sit in the birthplace of Harry Potter, a truly magical experience.

A clear sky over the city of Edinburgh as seen from the castle entrance.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert Banogon pose together in front of the a view of Edinburgh, Scotland from the Castle.

Black and white photo of Edinburgh Castle in the heart of the capital of Scotland.

A Guided Tour Through Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a large, historic fortress that sits high up on Castle Rock in the heart of old town. Inside the walls of the fortress, there is an array of buildings and structures that work their way up Castle Rock in a wide spiral into the heart of the castle. In order to learn more about these buildings and their historic and modern uses, Kevin and I joined one of the complimentary tours that leave from the areas marked with a blue shield near the entrance. You can also pay for the self-guided audio tour to get an even more in-depth peek into the history that makes up the castle. Plan your visit further using the official website.

During our guided tour we learned about the long history of the Edinburgh Castle. Including the fact that Castle Rock has had human occupation since the 2nd century AD with a royal castle existing there since at least the reign of David I in the 12th century. The castle sits on top of the plug of an extinct volcano that gave the location defensive advantages. Today the castle is home to the royal jewels of Scotland and is considered the most recognizable symbol of the city of Edinburgh.

Tourist tour the inside of the Edinburgh Castle on a sunny day in Scotland.

The Scottish National War Memorial located inside the Edinburgh Castle.

The front of the Scottish National War Memorial inside the Edinburgh Castle.

The original ceiling inside of the Great Hall of the Edinburgh Castle.

Meredith Lambert Banogon and Kevin Banogon explore tiny rooms within the Edinburgh Castle.

The Fierce History of Scotland

Discovering the history and origins of any country is always filled with bloodshed, conquering, and brave souls fighting for freedom. However, it was astounding how bold and brave the men of Scotland were through the rebellions of their time. That bravery is alive and apparent inside the walls of the Edinburgh Castle. In fact, the site is “the most besieged place in Great Britain and one of the most attacked in the world” withstanding 26 sieges in its long history of human occupation.

At one point in time, the Scottish scaled the walls of Edinburgh Castle to retake control of the fortress from the British. Upon victory, however, it became apparent that they would not be able to hold Castle Rock with their smaller force of men. So they destroyed the fortress from the inside to prevent the British from using it as a stronghold against them. The only building not destroyed at this time was the St. Margaret’s Chapel. Because of the ‘Saint’ in its name, the chapel was spared and is now the oldest building in Edinburgh.

The interior of St. Margaret's Chapel on the grounds of the Edinburgh Castle.

The inner section of the Edinburgh Castle is the oldest part of the structure.

The flag of Scotland stands tall among the rocky face of the Edinburgh Castle.

A stormy view over the city of Edinburgh as seen from the castle walls.

The Beauty of Edinburgh

As the capital of Scotland, the city of Edinburgh is made up of a perfect blend of old and new that makes it a very uniquely beautiful location. The historic buildings found throughout Old Town and the extensive Georgian New Town, built in the 18th century, have resulted in the entire area being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, the modern beat of the city can be felt throughout the crowded streets.

The entire city feels like it is hand-crafted out of stone and piled upon itself. The age of the city can also be felt in the tiny alley roadways and side streets that jut off main roads at odd angles. It would be easy to spend days wondering these convoluted streets without ever feeling like you saw it all. Kevin and I were sad to go after just one day, but we were very happy we included Edinburgh in our honeymoon. We hope to plan a longer stay sometime in the future.

The history and age of Edinburgh can be easily seen along the city streets.

The historic buildings throughout Edinburgh remind you of the history of the city.

Enjoy a Short Video of Our Honeymoon in Scotland

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