A Family Trip Around the French Quarter

Published: 04/8/14 8:21 PM in North America, Travel.

In February, Kevin and myself were joined by my mom, dad, sister, and nephew for the official hunt for a wedding venue in New Orleans. Throughout the trip we visited a number of potential venues and, since it was the first weekend of Mardi Gras, we got to enjoy a few parades while we were in town. Since the hunt for a venue started in the French Quarter, we took a bit of extra time to walk around the area since we don’t get to frequent it on our usual trips.

A Brief Jaunt Around the French Quarter

Our visit to the French Quarter started, how most visits in New Orleans start, with food. We stopped to get lunch at Cafe Maspero, a quintessential French Quarter destination with great sandwiches and piping hot onion soup. I enjoyed one of my NOLA favorites, a Muffaletta and introduced Kevin to glorious creation for the first time.

After a delicious lunch we took a bit of time to look into a few shops as we walked to inspect another potential wedding venue. We didn’t do much exploring since we were short on time, but we made sure to snap a few pictures of the more major landmarks.



Throughout the French Quarter there are always artist showcasing their work in an attempt to find a buyer and sometimes there are some pretty unique finds. Although we didn’t have a chance to walk through the French Market during this trip, that is usually my favorite part of any trip to the French Quarter. Within the rows of touristy junk, you can usually find something unique and interesting to bring home!



Cafe Du Monde is an historic part of the French Quarter where visitors can enjoy a beignet while they sip their Cafe Au Lait. Although you can’t beat the atmosphere of this iconic location and I would definitely suggest every first time New Orleans visitor to stop by, I have been less than satisfied with Cafe Du Monde’s beignets as of late. They have gotten smaller over the years and therefore are slightly less puffy. I’ll always be a Morning Call girl at heart!



While passing by, we had to stop for a quick picture in front of Saint Louis Cathedral. This officially marks my nephew’s first visit to New Orleans! A place that, even though he was not born there, he will always be from.




The interior of Cafe Maspero is extremely charming an indicative of the history of the city. The restaurant has been there for 40 years, but the building has been there for much longer. This classic location is famous for their hearty sandwiches and their French Onion Soup. Both of which are overflowing with content and flavor.




While moving through the city, we found evidence of Mardi Gras preparation everywhere! There were floats all lined up and ready for parades throughout the back alleys and parking lots of the city. It had been many years since my last Mardi Gras so I was extremely excited for a bit of the festivities and I was excited for Kevin to experience it for the first time.



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