Glacier National Park with Merevin

Published: 10/4/13 6:14 PM in National, North America, Travel.

In early September of 2013, Kevin, myself, and some friends headed north to Glacier National Park for a few days of camping and hiking. Before even planning this trip we had heard amazing things about Glacier and we definitely were not disappointed! At every turn there was a spectacular view of raw, cut mountains. The entire park was like stepping out of bounds into the stuff of fairy tales.

The entire trip was magical and the company made it all the better. In order to get there Kevin and I, along with one of our current roommates in Miami, flew into Bozeman, Montana. There we met up with a close friend that moved out there after taking part in the Montana Conservation Corps during Kevin’s MCC season. Together the four of us drove five hours north to arrive at Glacier National Park in the wee hours of the morning. Meeting us at Glacier were three friends of ours that currently live in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. The seven of us set up camp and got ready to enjoy the many beautiful wonders of Glacier National Park.

The campground we set up at was Many Glacier Campground in the northeast area of the park. This campground was great and very much front country, which was good news for the more novice mountain campers among us (myself included). We picked this campground since it was near the trailhead for one of the first hikes we did, Grinnell Glacier. However when they say this area is very bear active, they definitely are not lying. We saw multiple bears during our trip, mostly on the trail, but one was a adolescent right outside of the camp. It was certainly a thrill, but did keep me up at night since I am not used to living and camping with bears.














Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to Glacier National Park!


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