The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park

Published: 10/3/13 4:16 PM in National, North America, Travel.

The final stop Kevin and I made on our way back to Bozeman, Montana was to visit the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the Lower Falls of Yellowstone. This area was very easy to access while driving through Yellowstone National Park as it is just off the road. After a slight hike of about 10-15 minutes, you can reach the ground level of the top of the falls, right where the water tumbles over the edge of the cliff.

Viewing the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

One fun fact for this area is that the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone features the actual yellow stone that the park was named after. Although this breathtaking canyon made every picture look like an unreal painting, we found the best view to be from the top part of the Lower Falls. From there you can really get a view of the breadth of the canyon and can appreciate just how unreal the whole thing is.

Every picture from this spot could be a painting or a desktop background. The scale of the canyon was hard to comprehend and pretty intimidating. Spots like this make it obvious why this part of the country was designated as the first public park in America.

Viewing the Lower Falls

The Lower Falls were very impressive and were extremely iconic of the entire park. The image of this magnificent waterfall represents the wildness and larger than life presence of Yellowstone National Park. Not only is it beautiful to visit, but the entire park has an untamable quality that should never be changed or modified.

After this stop we headed out of Yellowstone and back to the city of Bozeman. Although short, this trip was definitely an adventure into an iconic part of America.











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