Grinnell Glacier with Merevin

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After a somewhat strenuous hike, for me at least, we arrived at Grinnell Glacier. Although the size of the glacier has drastically diminished since it’s discovery in 1887 by George Bird Grinnell, it was still an impressive sight to a Floridian like me.

The alpine lake was incredibly blue and the chunks of ice floating around in it were huge. Interestingly, these chunks are not broken up pieces from the glacier itself, but actually left over ice from when the lake freezes over in the winter. This may seem like a small difference, but the rate at which the glaciers in Glacier National Park are diminishing is alarming and quite sad. It has been predicted that there would be no more glaciers in Glacier National Park by the year 2030. So if you want to enjoy the beauty of Grinnell Glacier as it is today, you better plan your trip soon!

When we arrived at Grinnell Glacier, we all decided to take a relaxing break. Kevin and Gerry took this time to explore the surrounding area around the lake. However, Alicia and I decided to take this moment to rest our feet and we watched over the backpacks as we took a nap in the sun. During our time at Grinnell Glacier, there was only one other group of hikers taking it in with us. This made our time there feel much more remote and personal, and definitely made the late afternoon arrival worth it.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert continue their hike to Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park.

A large chipmunk enjoys the sun at Grinnell Glacier.

The chipmunks by Grinnell Glacier seemed larger then those found at lower altitudes and they were very interested in what we had in our packs. Unfortunately we did not have any food with us, but that didn’t stop them from sticking their heads in our backpacks.

Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park and it's surrounding lake.

A panoramic of Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park.

Kevin Banogon planks on a large boulder at Grinnell Glacier.

With such a beautiful backdrop, Kevin had to plank somewhere! After his initial time in Montana, his form has greatly improved. This may be a solo plank, but he had some company on the next one.

Large chunks of ice float on the water of the alpine lake of Grinnell Glacier.

A beautiful panoramic taken from the far side of Grinnell Glacier.

This group of hikers take a break at their destination at Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park.

Kevin Banogon and Alicia Doroteo plank on the rocks at Grinnell Glacier.

The chipmunks at Grinnell Glacier are large and not afraid of hikers.

Large pieces of ice float on the water at Grinnell Glacier.

The large chunks of ice floating throughout the lake were gorgeous. Somehow they appeared completely solid and powdery soft at the same time.

A close up of some beautiful green moss growing by Grinnell Glacier.

The ice at Grinnell Glacier s very solid, but looks like powered snow.

A waterfall allows the melted water from a glacier above fall into the lake at Grinnell Glacier.

Gerry Cabrera pretends to devour some ice at Grinnell Glacier.

Kevin Banogon enjoys the icy water at Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park.

Kevin and Gerry took some time to enjoy the frigid water of lake around Grinnell Glacier. They both stuck their feet in and cooled off from the sun. I was only able to stick my hand in for a few seconds before it became too much for me!

Gerry Cabrera Don Bailys on a rock in the middle of the lake at Grinnell Glacier.

A stunning panoramic of the valley as viewed from Grinnell Glacier's outlook.

Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to Glacier National Park!


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