Hiking Back from Grinnell Glacier

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The hike back from Grinnell Glacier was a complete blur. Personally, I was extremely tired so my main focus was to keep moving until we made it back to camp. However seeing two grizzly bears while hiking the trail definitely gets the heart pumping! Other than that, the hike back was relatively peaceful and just as beautiful as the hike to Grinnell Glacier.

Spotting Grizzles on Grinnell Glacier Trail

About 10 to 15 minutes after we started hiking back from Grinnell Glacier, Kevin spotted a grizzly bear about 75 yards away foraging for food in the rocks along a slight cliff. After the initial awe of seeing a bear in the wild for the first time, we all took a moment to assess the bear and our situation. The bear was a fully grown, and rather large, grizzly slowly making his way closer to us in his or her hunt for food. At this point we all got a bit worried and realized it was time to take safety measures and continue moving along the trail, which would take us away from the grizzly. Our friend Gerry got the bear spray out and ready in case and we continued along the trail talking and singing as we hiked. The bear didn’t really seem to care about us and disappeared in the distance as we hiked.

About 15 minutes after feeling clear of the first grizzly, Gerry looked over and spotted a second grizzly bear also foraging for food in the rocks below us. This one was a bit closer than the first, but since he or she was downhill from us, the experience seemed a little less threatening. However this bear was moving quite a bit in their search for food. By the time we made it further along the trail, the bear was in a totally different spot moving toward us. We continued to move down the trail talking the whole time, with the bear spray at the ready.

After these two encounters we were all a bit wary of seeing another bear on the trail. We were all convinced we would see more as we hiked since we had seen two in such close succession. Thankfully that was the end of the bear excitement for that day!

At the end of the trail, we did see a small herd of deer relaxing and eating amongst the trees. It was beautiful and peaceful, the perfect end to an amazing trail.

Gerry Cabrera takes in the beauty of the hike back from Grinnell Glacier.

The view of the valley on the way back from Grinnell Glacier.

Meredith Lambert and Kevin Banogon enjoy the beautiful valley from Grinnell Glacier.

Spotting a grizzly bear on the hike back from Grinnell Glacier.

The first bear was very big and slightly intimidating. We could identify the bear as a grizzly by the hump in his/her back and the wide snout. Although 75 yards may seem far, grizzly bears can run up to 30 mph.

A fully grown grizzly on after seeing Grinnell Glacier.

The group of hikers take their time hiking back from Grinnell Glacier.

Another grizzly spotted on the hike back from Grinnell Glacier.

This bear was slightly smaller than the first and seemed to be an adolescent. Luckily, he/she didn’t seem to may any attention to us and continued to rapidly search for food.

A foraging grizzly bear on the hike back from Grinnell Glacier.

The hike back from Grinnell Glacier is beautiful and extensive.

The hike back from Grinnell Glacier gave us a different perspective of the trail. Although the overall sights were the same, the change in the approach made the entire experience look slightly different. Suddenly, the downward climbs seems steeper and the sun felt hotter.

The view of Grinnell Lake on the hike back from Grinnell Glacier.

Deer enjoy the tree coverage at the end of the hike back from Grinnell Glacier.

Spotting a herd of deer reminded us all of the peacefulness of nature in Glacier National Park. They didn’t even seem to be bothered by us as we took pictures and observed them from afar.

The deer made the end of the hike back from Grinnell Glacier calm and peaceful.

Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to Glacier National Park!


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