Hiking HighLine Trail with Merevin

Published: 10/9/13 2:46 AM in National, North America, Travel.

Hiking along the Highline Trail was a breathtaking experience, especially for such a non-strenuous hike in Glacier National Park. The views were incredible right at the beginning of the hike since this trail runs along a section of the Continental Divide known as the Garden Wall. The entire Highline Loop is an ll.5 mile hike featuring alpine meadows, a variety of wildflowers, and plenty of sheer cliffs.

Our Stroll Along Highline Trail

At the beginning of the trail you are almost immediately faced with a hike around a sheer cliff on a fairly narrow path. There is a wire wrapped in a garden hose fastened to the mountain that you can hold onto as you make your way along the trail. However that definitely doesn’t make the height of the drop seem any less drastic.

The wind that day was pretty strong and had a bite to it that made us Floridians layer up in preparation for the hike along the Highline Trail. We actually weren’t able to complete the entire trail because of time restraints, but the part that we did hike provided us with beautiful sweeping views of the drama of Glacier National Park.



Prior to beginning our hike of the Highline Trail, we stopped at Logan’s Pass visitor center for the second time. Since it was so windy, we took this time to bundle up with as many layers as possible! We also had an open moment with the sign for Logan’s Pass, which is usually surrounded by other park visitors, where we took some memorable group pictures.




Immediately at the start of the trail, the view is astounding. The start of Highline Trail takes you through a small alpine meadow that overlooks the valley perfectly. This part of the trail is a slight downhill path that was very gentle on my unsure knees.





Soon after the gentleness of the Highline Trail’s beginning, we came to the sheer cliffs. For anybody with a fear of heights, this part would be slightly hard to get through especially with the wind we were faced with as we made our trip. However it is worth the effort since the closeness to the edge allows you to feel that much more involved with the surrounding view.






As you can see the beginning of the trail is not for the faint of heart. However the rest of the Highline Trail is very gentle and not as on edge as this beginning part. The alpine meadows are worth the visit as they bring a sense of complete peace within a park with such dramatic features as Glacier National Park.



Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to Glacier National Park!


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