Island Hopping and Scuba Diving

Published: 09/3/13 4:01 AM in Asia, Travel.

Another amazing first we were able to experience in the Philippines was scuba diving! Neither of us had ever scuba dived before, but it is something Sean does regularly on his travels around the world. So while Sean signed up for a full dive, Kevin and I signed up for a discovery dive with instructions.

Well the our dive was much more than that, we ended up at a depth of about 60ft and it was amazing! The water was very clear and there were fish everywhere. We had bread with us to feed the fish and boy did they swarm us. I had a very magical moment with a rather large bat fish and some bread. For those of you who have the perk of growing your own fish, check out these pond liners from SwellUK and improve your pond.

The entire day was beautiful and while we weren’t diving under the water, we were hanging out with Kevin’s family on a boat. Between dives, we hopped between small islands and enjoyed more delicious food.

We are definitely not made to stay underwater, but the scuba gear allows you to do exactly that. Stay underwater for an extended period of time and breathing there. Isn’t that the coolest thing to be able to do?

I will never forget my first experience as an instructor when I saw the expression in the eyes of the 6 young backpackers who were breathing underwater for the first time. A mix between being surprised, happy, stunned and maybe a little bit scared. It actually works, you can breathe underwater.

Where else do you get the feeling of zero gravity? I enjoy it on every single dive, over and over again. It might not feel like that right on your first dives. The keyword is neutral buoyancy. This means to float, relative lightness. It is also one of the hardest skills in scuba diving. You will never stop perfecting your buoyancy. However, even at the start when you are slowly learning to control your buoyancy and breathing you will start to feel weightless.

















Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to The Philippines!


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