Islands of Adventure with the Bachelorette

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After spending extensive time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we finally decided to explore the rest of Islands of Adventure. And we started with Jurassic Park!

In addition to being a huge Harry Potter fan, Katie (aka The Bride) is also a massive fan of Jurassic Park. This is probably due to the fact that dinosaurs are awesome and that movie is a great classic! After visiting the Museum of the Rockies on my trip to Montana, I have a renewed love and respect for that movie.

Exploring the Islands of Islands of Adventure

With the help of the Express Passes in our pockets, we were able to zip around the rest of the park pretty quickly. This made it possible for us to spend some extra time exploring the areas we were most interested in. Therefore, we spent quite a lot of time in the Jurassic Park section riding the rides and playing the games with the other children.

The most amazing part of the Universal Studio theme parks is the dedication the entire staff has to themes of each area. This results in making every ‘island’ feel completely different from the last and it makes it easy for you to immerse yourself in the theme of each area.

Another great part of any trip to Islands of Adventure is The Hulk! What a great roller coaster! During this visit I rode it about 3 times with one of those times being in the dark. Right before leaving the park for the evening, myself and couple of the other girls decided to ride The Hulk one more time before calling it a night. We called it Night Hulk! And Night Hulk was everything I hoped for and more!



The Jurassic Park ride is a lot of fun and wet! Riding a water ride when is cold outside definitely adds a whole new level of terror to the entire experience. Unfortunately for us, it was chilly out and, while this was excellent for walking around the park throughout the day, it was very unpleasant when wet.

And we got soaked! A huge wave of water hit us all directly during the final drop forcing us to spend some time, after the ride, drying in the sun.






The Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure is very lush with vegetation and looks just like it does in the movie. However we all couldn’t help but feel like it needed a bit of the update. The actual structure is still impressive and the layout is fun to explore, but the ingenuity for the merchandise is severely lacking in comparison to the other areas of the park.

Most of the items for sale are generic dinosaur themed toys that can easily be found outside of the park. It would be hard for a fan of the movie to find something uniquely from the movie within the stores at Islands of Adventure.



Katie spent some time demonstrating her prowess when it comes to dinosaur knowledge as she beat children on the ‘You Bet Jurassic’ trivia game. This little nook was a nice area to sit on a bench and watch Katie dominate. The trivia game was fun and informative with the perfect bit of corniness to make it ageless.




The Discovery Center was set up like it is seen in the movie so it was really cool to go in there and explore the different interactive games. However this doorway is oddly tucked in a hidden area of the park with no foot traffic. It is actually the back entrance, weird.



After Jurassic Park, we moved on to Toonville. This is a colorful part of the park that is comprised of water rides. Water, water everywhere and we all walked in fear. I have actually not ecperienced the rides in this area since all the times I have visited Islands of Adventure, it has been cold out. Well this area is still extremely cute and thematic.





While we were in the Dr. Seuss part of the park, we found a random little circular room with an eerie chanting playing overhead. Although none of us were sure which Dr. Seuss book this detail was featuring, we took a liking to the space and decided to hang out in there for a while.

It was nice and quiet while the chanting gave an eerie sense of peace to the place. The low ceiling made it feel comforting and there was room for all of us!




No matter how old you are, the Cat in the Hat ride will always be fun. The classic story is brought to life as you spin and turn throughout the colorful world of Thing One and Thing Two. The Dr. Seuss area brings back happy memories of simple children stories with characters with big hair.



Overall this trip was a great time with a great group of girls! We all had a lot of fun exploring the parks and we were able to do so much in the time we had that everyone got to see/do what they came for.

For me, I was glad to get to know some of Katie’s friends better and actually meet the girls I have been hearing about for years! There is so much love surrounding Katie and her upcoming wedding, it is going to be spectacular!



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