Jackson Hole, Wyoming with Merevin

Published: 09/30/13 8:21 PM in North America, Travel.

In May of 2012, Kevin left Florida to be a part of the Montana Conservation Corps (a part of Americorp) for a 6 month program. Long distance sucks and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone! However no matter how much we missed each other, Kevin’s experience was life changing and the places he saw during his time were completely jaw-dropping.

To view a myriad of photos from his time in the program check out Kevin’s photo blog Yellowstone Yellow on Tumblr. It documents his time in Montana through beautiful photography.

Anyway, during this time I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit him in Montana for an amazing, although brief, trip! During my trip, we drove through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park for a brief stay in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. While there we stayed in an incredible house that a family friend rents out every summer. The house was noteworthy enough to warrant it’s own blog post complete with photos. Enjoy!




The drive through Grand Teton National Park was incredible. The mountains are gorgeous throughout the park and the drive allows you to view them at many different angles. We stopped along Jackson Lake to enjoy the view of the mountain range and dip our feet into the chilly water.




The house was a beautiful cabin style home with the Grand Teton Mountain range as its backyard. The wide windows allow you to constantly take in the view while you enjoy a fire on a chilly night. It is a house perfectly designed for its environment.




There was also a ton of wildlife wandering about around the house. One morning, we enjoyed breakfast with a mule deer as he hung out in the front yard and one evening a mother moose and her baby were wandering through enjoying the last rays of sun before the temperature dropped at night.




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Grand Teton National Park with Merevin
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