Jardí Botànic de Barcelona

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Jardí Botànic de Barcelona was built amongst a number of stadiums used in the Summer Olympic Games of 1992. A number of countries are represented in the plant life and design of the park. However the most intriguing feature of the park is the way in which the design incorporates plant life, metal, and water. The three come together beautifully and seamlessly at interesting angles that allow for unique views throughout the gardens.

Our Visit to Jardí Botànic de Barcelona

Kevin and I visited Jardí Botànic de Barcelona during our twelve day trip to Barcelona with our Landscape Architecture studio class. Therefore the primary focus of our trip to the gardens were to observe the design and form of the space as well as the use of plant life.

Meandering through the gardens was very relaxing. At certain points the path would lead to a raised area that would open up to a view of the city of Barcelona. There were very subtle way-finding tools around the grounds that added a simple touch of information to the beauty of the design.

We spent most of our time moving through the different areas of the botanical garden and seeing the difference in design and plant life. Overall it was a lovely display that represented a complete scope of the world.

The iron entrance to Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

A beautiful water condition found just inside Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

This area is near the entrance of Jardí Botànic de Barcelona and is a very interesting mix of materials interacting to create such an environment. The way that the wood, cement, and metal come together with the living components of water and plant life is very elegant and well executed.

The angled walkways of Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

The Jardí Botànic de Barcelona allowed for beautiful views of the city of Barcelona.

Beautiful creeping fig tumbles over a retaining wall in Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

Kevin and I were pretty obsessed with this wall where the greenery was tumbling over. It is as if the plants can not be contained and are reclaiming dominance over the man made structure that holds them back.

Kevin Banogon poses in front of a green wall in Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

Meredith Lambert enjoys hanging out in Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

Jardí Botànic de Barcelona contains a unique outdoor amphitheater.

The outdoor amphitheater within the grounds is very unique and outright cool. The seating is angled to create varying spaces within the platforms and the sparse use of plants allows for visibility, but still makes the space feel like it is part of the botanical gardens.

There is a wide variety of plant life in Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

The colorful plants of Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

The angled walls in Jardí Botànic de Barcelona allow for interesting planters.

The angled retaining walls in Jardí Botànic de Barcelona allowed for interesting planters to be created. The way the plant life is worked into the structure of the place makes the views throughout the park beautiful and filled with greenery.

The sign identifying Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.

The giant iron doors seal the entrance to Jardí Botànic de Barcelona.


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