Juniper Springs on Labor Day

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In order to escape the city on a 3-day weekend, Kevin and I headed up to the Orlando area to visit a beautiful Florida Spring and cool down on the hot day. We chose Juniper Springs as our destination since it was an hour out of the city and into the Ocala National Forest.

We headed up to Orlando and spent the night at my Aunt’s house so that we could head out to the spring early the next morning. The drive to Juniper Springs from Orlando was easy and uncomplicated, but did take a full hour. We also had to fight temptation on the way because we passed a ton of other springs as we made our way to our destination.

The Cool Water of Juniper Springs

As soon as we arrived, it was immediately apparent that we would not be enjoying this Florida Spring in solitude. Due to the fact that it was Labor Day, the place was completely packed. There were children and families everywhere! However, something we often forget while living in Miami, people can be so friendly! Even though the place was crowded, the families were nice and welcoming with no hesitation when it came to sharing their experiences at other Florida springs. In Miami people are a much more hesitant to engage in conversation with a seemingly outsider so it is always refreshing to escape that attitude.

We quickly picked a spot to set up and jumped right into the cold water. Florida Springs are constantly at a temperature of about 73 degrees, but on a hot Florida day when the sun is beating down on you, that water feels freezing! And oh so refreshing!

Check out the video below for a brief look at our time at Juniper Springs!

The best part of Juniper Springs was jumping off the platform into the refreshingly cool water. The area you jump into is the deepest part of the spring so you can fearlessly leap in anyway you like.

Juniper Springs on a busy and beautiful Labor Day.

Kevin Banogon and Gerry Cabrera get ready to dive to the cave in Juniper Springs.

Exploring the depths of Juniper Springs was a lot more of an adventure than we thought it would be upon arriving. Deep underwater there was a small cave that was fun and not hard to dive to. The visibility wasn’t that great in the water, but this is most likely caused by the fact that there were so many people visiting the spring that day.

Juniper Springs is a beautiful Florida Spring to visit with friends and family.

Jumping off the raised platform at Juniper Springs into the 72° water.

Miami Travel Bloggers make the drive up to visit Juniper Springs in the Ocala National Forest.

Visiting the springs in Florida always make a great outdoor trip with friends. Everyone gets out of the house and into the water for a great day of swimming and jumping.

Juniper Springs has the beautiful blue water characteristic of Florida Springs.

Meredith Lambert enjoys the cool temperature of the water at Juniper Springs.

A full view of Juniper Springs on a busy Labor Day weekend.

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