Krewe of Caesar – A Mardi Gras Parade

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Besides finally locating the perfect New Orleans location for Kevin and I to get married, an extremely exciting part of the trip was the fact that we got to attend a couple Mardi Gras parades. Although I grew up celebrating Mardi Gras every year, I haven’t been able to actually attend the celebration for years and Kevin had never been able to attend before this. So we were both very excited to watch the parade for the Krewe of Caesar!

Attending the First Weekend of Mardi Gras in New Orleans

When we selected a weekend to visit New Orleans and finalize the search for a wedding venue our main priority was choosing a weekend that my mom, dad, sister, myself, and Kevin were available for the trip. Lucky for us this, almost impossible, weekend landed on the first weekend and the start of Mardi Gras!

Although Mardi Gras Day is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (hence ‘Fat Tuesday’), the celebrations actually begin about two weeks before the actual day. The largest and most populated parades take place in the few days leading up to Tuesday and on Mardi Gras Day itself. During the week and weekend prior, there are a variety of parades throughout the city of New Orleans and it’s surrounding communities. These parades range from the more local, historic parades like the one put on by the Krewe of Caesar to very small scale parades put on by local Girl and Boy Scout Troops.

The history of Mardi Gras is actually quite intriguing if you are interested in the origin of the day.

The Krewe of Caesar Rocks Our Socks

Now I will be the first to admit that I go a little crazy at Mardi Gras parades. There is nothing like the thrill of making eye contact with the people on a float and catching the worthless plastic beads and knick-knacks they throw at you! The most exciting thing to me is catching a stuffed animal (or a delicious moon pie) and now that I have a nephew to shower with gifts, I had a renewed sense of purpose when it came to getting some stuffed animals!

The Krewe of Caesar did not disappoint! Kevin and I had a wonderful time and left with smiles on our faces and our necks full of beads!



Kevin and I were all geared up for the madness that comes with any Mardi Gras parade! We had a nice piece of the curb to ourselves and our family as a base while we got ready for the floats to start making their way down the parade route. My dad and sister used a great Mardi Gras parade tracking app to keep track of the progress of the parades.




The parades always start with the court of the parades which are the elected members of that parade’s Krewe. Each parade at Mardi Gras is put together by an organized group, very similar to a club, called a Krewe. Therefore the Krewe of Caesar put on the Caesar parade.

The ladies in the giant head dresses are the princesses of Caesar.




Every year the Krewes select a different theme for that year’s festivities. This year the Krewe of Caesar chose the theme Game Time to pay homage to the variety of games that bring fun to our nights in and our mobile phones. Each float focused on a different game with it’s riders dressed to match the theme of that particular float.



Every float is equipped with a countless number of beads an toys to throw out to the crowd. You can see how the top of the float is laden with beads ready to be thrown! Beads on beads on beads!




As the parade continues, Kevin and I started a healthy collection of beads. There is nothing like having your neck weighed down by the pounds of beads you worked hard to snatch out of the air! Catching a full bundle of beads right out of the air is one of the most satisfying feelings. Although every catch leaves you hungry for more!



This crawfish themed float was probably my favorite in the entire parade. Even though I am not sure what game it is from, I love the thematic approach to the float design and the costumes. And who doesn’t love a giant crawfish on the front of a float!



The scale of the floats is gigantic! The ones in Caesar are as tall as two story buildings, but in some of the older parades on Mardi Gras day, the floats are even larger. Since you are able to get right up against the floats on the street, this scale is even more impressive up close.




Attending a parade with family is always a good time! Being able to take part in even a fraction of Mardi Gras made the hunt for a wedding location even more thrilling. It was the extra cherry on top of the start of our wedding preperation!


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