A Lazy Sunset at South Pointe Park

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After a busy Christmas Season and a celebratory New Year, we all crave one relaxing day without the worry of what there is to do next. A day to take it slow and soak up the accomplishments of the previous year. That is exactly how we set out to spend our day on the first Sunday of the new year and we decided it should take the form of a lazy afternoon spent at South Pointe Park on Miami Beach.

As anyone who has braved the streets of Miami Beach can attest to, there is hardly a day that the traffic is not stressful. This lazy day was no exception to that fact. As soon as we arrived on Miami Beach, it became abundantly clear that parking was the number one enemy of this excursion as we spent at least an hour circling the area trying to find an appropriate and acceptable spot to leave our car. After we got fed up with the aggressive hunt, we decided to give up and park in a garage that was about a mile (or 15 minute walk) away from the entrance of our destination.

However the walk ended up being a tolerable addition to our day at South Pointe Park. The walk to the park helped us work up an appetite and stretch our legs, while the walk back helped us walk off the lethargy accumulated during our restful sunset.

Pelican watching at South Pointe Park on Miami Beach at sunset.

Watching the boats come and go at sunset at South Pointe Park.

Birds fly across the sky at sunset on Miami Beach at South Pointe Park.

At South Pointe Park, pelicans dive into the water to snag a fish for dinner.

Alicia Doroteo and Alejandro Stein enjoy a picnic at South Pointe Park with Meredith Banogon and Kevin Banogon.

A Picnic with Friends at South Pointe Park

Before we set out toward our destination, we decided to pick up some food for a picnic in park. So we stopped at the Miami institution, El Palacio de los Jugos, to pick up some food to bring to South Pointe Park. Of course no visit to El Palacio de los Jugos is complete without buying some juice so we all picked up our favorites and took our pan con bistec, croqueta preparada, and ropa vieja in to-go boxes to our destination.

Upon our arrival to the park, we walked along the water to find a suitable place to set up for our picnic. As we ate, we enjoyed watching the cruise ships float by on their way out to sea. As we finished our food, we all relaxed and enjoyed being outside as we either read or crocheted in the shade. As the sun started to dip down behind the buildings across the water way, Kevin and I walked throughout the rest of the park to take in its design and admire the brilliant sky of a Florida winter sunset.

Meredith Banogon eats Sour Skittles after her picnic at South Pointe Park on Miami Beach.

Alicia Doroteo crochets as she waits for the sunset at South Pointe Park on Miami Beach.

Alejandro Stein stops mid sentence during a picnic at South Pointe Park with friends.

Sister the dog enjoys a day out at South Pointe Park with her care takers.

Kevin Banogon enjoys the walkway along the water at South Pointe Park.

A cruise ship leaves the port through the slip by South Pointe Park.

About South Pointe Park on Miami Beach

South Pointe Park is a 17-acre urban park located at the most southern tip of Miami Beach. When it originally opened in October of 1985, it became the 19th public park in Miami Beach and contained features such as; an amphitheater, two wooden observation towers, picnic pavilions, fitness courses and a wooden boardwalk over Miami Beach’s last natural sand dune. In 2009 the park was reopened after undergoing a redesign by Hargreaves Associates and now contains walking paths, a food stand, a lovely grassy area with tremendous 360 degree ocean views, a miniature waterpark, and dog park.

The large slip next to the park is part of the Port of Miami, so as you enjoy the park, you can watch the cruise ships set out on their varying journeys. Watching the massive, city-like boats go by makes for a lovely and relaxing afternoon spent at a well maintained local park.

The pink and blue clouds in the sky of a Florida sunset in the winter.

The sun sets and lights up the sky during sunset at South Pointe Park.

Visitors enjoy an evening spent at South Pointe Park.

The Fakahatchee grass blows in the wind at South Pointe Park.

Two girls sit on top the large hill at sunset at South Pointe Park.

Visitors enjoy the walk along the water at South Pointe Park on Miami Beach.

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