The Lighthouse at Bill Baggs Florida State Park

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One lazier weekend in March, Kevin and I headed to Key Biscayne for the day and spent the afternoon at Bill Baggs Florida State Park at the edge of the island. During our time at the park, we made a day of exploring the Lighthouse Historic Site and the nature trails through the area.

About Bill Baggs Florida State Park

Bill Baggs Florida State Park is roughly 15 minutes away from downtown Miami (with no traffic) and is quite literally a world apart. Once you enter the park, you no longer feel like you are anywhere near the hustle & bustle of greater Miami and the beach is much more relaxed and peaceful than any part of South Beach. This is the type of beach to go to and enjoy a laid back barbecue with friends and family.

The park is ripe with historic relevance and landmarks. In 1513, Ponce de Leon named the area ‘Cape of Florida’ when he lead the spanish expedition to Florida. The most well known feature in Bill Baggs Florida State Park is the lighthouse standing tall near the tip of the island.

The lighthouse was completed in 1825 and served as a secret meeting place and port for runaway slaves waiting to rendezvous with sea captains for passage to the British Bahamas. In September 2004, Cape Florida was designated a National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Site.



Walking along the seawall to reach the lighthouse at Bill Baggs Florida State Park was a beautiful and scenic journey. Since Kevin and I are not really beach people, it is easy for us to forget how beautiful the ocean. The blue-green shades merging into areas of darker navy highlighted by the white of cresting waves is a perfectly painted view of the Atlantic Ocean.





Walking along the seawall at the Bill Baggs Florida State Park was almost ridiculously beautiful. The waves were crashing against the wall sending a cool ocean spray into the air providing some relief from the slight heat of the day. Every now and then a larger wave would crash against the wall and soak our feet, unexpected, but delightful!



Kevin and I definitely visited the lighthouse on a perfect day! The sky was so blue that the stark white lighthouse stood out dramatically from the sky. It was also nice to stroll among thriving sea grapes with large leaves to provide shade from the sun.


The Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage at Bill Baggs Florida State Park on Key Biscayne.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage was very simple and plain adorable! I can just imagine how beautiful life would be living here and maintaining a lighthouse. Now-a-days the cottage is a small museum about the history of the lighthouse and the park.




The lighthouse is positioned directly on the water with a load-baring seawall as it’s only barrier from the sea. The actual circumference of the lighthouse structure was incredibly small! Tours of the interior were closed for a couple months so we did not get to go up into the space, but I honestly think it might have been a little too claustrophobic. Although the view would have been wonderful!






I mean can you get a better picture than this! The day was perfect, the lighthouse was classic, and the park was relaxing. It was a great little day trip in this busy city we live in.



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Hiking the Nature Trails at Bill Baggs Florida State Park
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