Los Gatos de San Juan

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Los Gatos de San Juan were a true feature of our trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. In fact, Kevin and I were surprised to see the amount of cats hanging around in San Juan. However what surprised us the most was that they were cared for, accepted, and even welcome!

Deep in the shrubbery along the Paseo de la Princesa there were covered boxes with food and water for the cats. It was nice to see them so comfortable and happy in this natural setting. However it was even nicer to see that the people didn’t treat them as a nuisance that needed to be eradicated.

Los Gatos de San Juan were a charming addition to the experience of the Old San Juan since cats seem to really capture the spirit and attitude of the people of the place. The people of Puerto Rico are kind, friendly, and laid-back. They are at peace with their surroundings and don’t take anything too seriously. Much like the people of San Juan, Puerto Rico; it was a pleasure to get to know Los Gatos de San Juan.

A beautiful cat hangs out in El Morro in San Juan.

This Puerto Rican cat loves to lay among the rocks.

Los Gatos de San Juan, Puerto Rico are well taken care of.

The covered boxes seems to have food for the cats and large tubs of fresh water. The cats seemed to eat at their convenience and then spend the rest of the day however they liked, either sleeping or playing. They seemed to completely blend in with the surrounding elements of rocks and shrubbery so that it was hard to find them at first.

Los Gatos de San Juan, Puerto Rico relax in the trees.

Los Gatos de San Juan in the trees.

This cat stands proud in Viejo de San Juan.

Some of the cats were much friendlier than others and would walk right up to you looking for attention. The cat pictured above walked right up to us and demanded to be pet! In fact he even laid down next to us while we are taking a break and enjoyed the scenery with us.

A young kitty hides in the Sea Grapes in San Juan.

Los Gatos de San Juan love to relax in the bushes.

Resting by the ocean, this cat of San Juan enjoys the scenery.

This cat, in particular, was amazing. He/she was relaxing on a stone bench at the very end of the Paseo de la Princesa, gazing out at the waves crashing against the stones. He/she was so completely at peace in this beautiful area that we began to refer to him/her as Buddha-cat.

We decided to emulate as best as we could as we spent some time sitting with Buddha-cat and taking in the calm of the spot at the end of the Paseo de la Princesa. Buddha-cat seemed to enjoy our presence.

Relax in the sun by the water in San Juan.

Walk the walk and talk the talk of the cats in San Juan.

Los Gatos de San Juan will relax and sleep anywhere.

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