Meandering Through Park Güell

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Visiting Park Güell was a very important part of our trip to Barcelona. I have studied Antoni Gaudí for many years as part of my many Art History and Architectural History classes. However actually visiting the park was an extremely different experience than reading the facts in a text book.

This beautiful park was designed be Antoni Gaudí in 1899 and has become a quintessential icon of the city of Barcelona and the work of Gaudí. Although the park was originally intended to be a neighborhood with residences, the unfinished project has become a complete park today and an amazing experience.

The Park Güell Experience

From the moment you enter Park Güell it is apparent that you are entering something special. The entryway is a very pronounced and grandiose opening leading you directly into the grand stairway of the park. Once you walk up the stairs, you enter into a unique columnade that supports the open gathering space above. When you continue up the stairs and enter the gathering space, you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the city as you take a seat on the iconic curved benches of the park.

One of the loveliest features of the experience of Park Güell is the shift in spatial use as you move deeper into the park. The rigorous planning of the entrance that leads you through a slightly orchestrated path completely dissolves as you continue to meander through Park Güell. The planned pathways turn into meandering trails of dirt leading through the surrounding trees.

The entire park is a lovely mix of natural progression from a designed experience to a free form exploration. Visiting Park Güell in person was definitely an unforgettable part of our trip to Barcelona.

Waiting for the Metro in Barcelona to take us to Park Güell.

Barcelona, Spain is filled interesting architectural conditions that were new to this Miami travel blogger.

The mosaic surfaces of Park Güell are typical of Antoni Gaudí.

The mosaic, textured surfaces of Park Güell are iconic of the park and almost all of Gaudí’s more famous structures. The color and life the mosaic brings to the designs has become a part of the character of Barcelona. It is hard to think of this city without imagining lively, bright colors.

The entrance to Park Güell is constantly full of international travelers.

Meredith Lambert and Kevin Banogon take a picture at the entrance of Park Güell for their travel blog.

The grand and rather symmetrical entrance beckons visitors to enter the park and begin their journey up the stairs and into the rest of the areas that follow. It would also be hard to imagine the entryway not flooded with tourist and other visitors.

The columnade in Park Güell is beautiful support system for the terrace overlooking Barcelona above.

The view of the city of Barcelona from the terrace of Park Güell.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert take a picture together at Park Güell in Barcelona.

Roots of the large beautiful trees in Park Güell.

Lovely trees at Park Güell on go all the way up the hillside.

The surrounding forest made an excellent place to find a bit of solitude within such a busy area. Kevin and I took our time wandering through the more naturalistic parts of the park before heading back down into the fray of countless people.

The meandering paths make their way around Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain.

The retaining walls in Park Güell are very unique in design.

Kevin Banogon poses in the 'caves' of Park Güell made by the retaining walls.

The ‘caves’ of Park Güell are a very interesting part of its design. Essentially these columns are support for a cleverly designed retaining wall. This retaining wall allows for the earth to be built up so that the open gathering area and higher paths could be constructed. It is definitely one of the more beautiful designs for something that is usually a boring, but necessary aspect of any park.

Park Güell is a must visit during any trip to Barcelona, Spain.


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