Modest Mouse Concert on South Beach

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On May 14th, 2014 at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater, Modest Mouse played a concert on South Beach! And, to jump to the best part of this whole story, Kevin and I got tickets!

Unfortunately, a couple of weeks before the concert Kevin got sick and the darn thing keeps coming back. So he truly wasn’t well enough to attend, but insisted that I still go and give his ticket to our close friend, Alicia, who wasn’t able to get a ticket back when we bought ours.

So that is how Alicia and I ended up attending the Modest Mouse concert on South Beach without Kevin.

A Concert on South Beach at the Filmore

Personally, I have never been much of a concert goer. They are just a little too much for me. Too many people, too much standing, too much money spent, and much too much silliness. In general, I have just never been the person that seeks out a concert whenever it comes around and would much prefer a relaxing stand up comedy show. However, everything changes when the right band comes around. Modest Mouse is exactly that right band and the Filmore seems to be the right venue!

When I first bought the ticket to see Modest Mouse at the Filmore, I was excited about the band, but not so excited about the idea of going to a concert on South Beach. For someone that lives in Miami, an event on South Beach translates into terrible traffic and a fight for a parking spot (or paying a ridiculous amount for an easy parking spot).

However the entire experience at the Filmore was easy and hassle-free. Parking was painless (with Alicia’s help) and the venue was very relaxed with just the right amount of security control. Besides the greatness of the concert, the venue was perfect!

Living Out High School Dreams at a Modest Mouse Concert

It is said that 14 is the formative year for cultural taste, including music, books, and television. If this is true than I would venture a guess that years 15 and 16 are still pretty important in determining what sticks with us for the rest of our lives. This makes your first few years in high school pretty important to the rest of your life.

Well during these formative years, not only did Kevin and I meet, but we spent quite a bit of time listening to Modest Mouse. Although Modest Mouse wasn’t the only band we would waste time to, they were definitely one of the most frequent and proceeded to be associated with a countless number of memories.

This made finally having the chance to attend a Modest Mouse concert, a dream come true. The only negative part of it was the fact that Kevin was not able to be there with me. However, the entire show was unforgettable and amazing.

Now enjoy my less than show stopping pictures from the concert, me and my point-and-shoot tried the best we could.

Waiting for Modest Mouse to begin their concert on South Beach at the Filmore.

Modest Mouse opens their concert on South Beach with their song Dramamine.

Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse breaks out a banjo during his concert on South Beach.

As soon as Modest Mouse came out, they were incredible! They opened the set up with ‘Dramamine’, a favorite amongst all Modest Mouse fans. This song holds a special place in my memory as it always brings me back to the days when Kevin and I first met.

Meredith Lambert documents Modest Mouse's concert on South Beach on her Miami travel blog.

The crowd at the Modest Mouse show on South Beach is chilled by the amazing performance.

Isaac Brock passionately sings during the Modest Mouse concert on South Beach.

It was pretty amazing watching Isaac Brock preform live. The passion and fire that comes through as he sings is substantially increased when you can see it in person. His entire body is a part of the performance.

Miami travel blogger, Meredith Lambert, captures a moment with the whole band at the Modest Mouse concert at the Filmore.

A Miami travel blogger attends the Modest Mouse concert on South Beach.

The crowd at the Modest Mouse concert on South beach demand an encore.

After playing for about one and a half hours, the band waved goodnight and left the stage. However nobody was ready for it to end and kept the cheering and chanting up until they came back for an encore! They proceeded to play for another half an hour, it was awesome to say the least.

Modest Mouse gives an encore performance for their fans in Miami.

Miami travel blogger enjoys the encore put on by Modest Mouse on South Beach.

Meredith Lambert documents the Modest Mouse concert on South Beach for her Miami travel blog.

The setlist from Modest Mouse’s concert on South Beach can be found below. The entire show was amazing and completely worth the trip out. However the best part was probably that they ended the night with ‘Shit Luck’. Totally unexpected and completely thrilling!

Modest Mouse finishes their concert on South Beach with their song Shit Luck.


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