New Orleans’ City Park with Merevin

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After visiting the Suicide Oak in New Orleans’ City Park, Kevin and I spent some time exploring more of the park. Even though it was an extremely hot day, we were able to withstand the heat and make our way through the many different areas of the park.

Overall we had a great time walking around the park, seeing the preserved section of bayou, and examining the different trees. There were some lovely cypress trees near the water with leaves so green it made you truly realize spring was in the air (despite the summer-like heat). The most picturesque area was the cute stone bridge that was short enough to easily capture the whole thing in a nicely composed picture, but arched enough to allow kayakers to pass underneath.

The Facts about City Park in the Heart of New Orleans

City Park is 1,300 acre public park located in within the city limits of New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the 6th largest urban public park in the United States and it is the 7th most visited. For reference, City Park is about 50% larger than Central Park in New York City. Founded in 1853, it is also one of the oldest parks in the country with the world’s largest collection of mature live oaks found throughout the park, some of which are over 600 years old.

Even though we spent a couple of hours meandering through the park, there is still much to see and experience in City Park! However while we wandered around, we stopped to film some scenes for Kevin and I’s Save the Date video! Check it out at the bottom of the post.

Colin Lambert relaxes on the stone bridge in City Park.

Miami travel blogger, Meredith Lambert explores the larger than life oak trees in City Park.

Spread throughout the park, the oak trees in City Park are all large and beautiful! They really give the entire park a southern charm that is perfectly represents the city of New Orleans. While most of the large, impressive oaks are found in the oak alley in the southern part of the park, you can find impressive specimens throughout the park’s entire 1,300 acres.

The cypress trees in City Park are also very beautiful.

Bald Cypress trees have beautiful leaves with a bright green color.

Kevin Banogon examines the textures and colors of the bald cypress trees in City Park.

This small area of young bald cypress trees was absolutely perfect! Since I have a personal affinity for cypress trees, bald cypress in particular, I can’t get enough of their bright green, fluffy appearances. One day I would love to have a small grove of bald cypresses where I could pet their ‘fuzzy’ leaves and watch them through the seasons.

The bald cypress trees in City Park are gorgeous on this Miami travel blog.

City Park has a very scenic preserved bayou.

Miami travel bloggers, Meredith Lambert and Kevin Banogon, pose on the stone bridge in City Park in New Orleans.

The small stone bridges in City Park are probably one of the most picturesque areas in the park. With it’s perfect framing, it is no wonder why this spot is a usual pick for romantic or family pictures. Of course we had to take a moment to pose for our own cute photos!

A young couple kisses on top the City Park's stone bridge in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kevin Banogon under a large, old oak tree in New Orleans' City Park.

The City Park Peristyle viewed from across the bayou in New Orleans.

The City Park Peristyle is one of the many large landmarks found throughout the park. On most days it serves as a shaded place to enjoy the park from. However it was built for parties and has a capacity for 300 people! What a lovely setting for an event or wedding.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert pose with family in front of the City Park Peristyle.


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The Oak Alley at City Park
Visiting the Suicide Oak in City Park

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