New Orleans, Louisiana with Merevin

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In July of 2009, it was time to travel to New Orleans for my sister’s wedding! Since I was born in New Orleans, traveling to NOLA is a pretty common occurrence for myself and my family. However this trip was extra special since not only was it for my sister’s wedding, but it was also Kevin’s first time visiting New Orleans.

Although the wedding took place along the river, the guests and wedding party all stayed in the French Quarter at the Omni Royal Orleans hotel. This made it incredibly easy for the wedding guests that have never been to NOLA to visit the most picturesque and famous part of the city. It also made it easier for large groups to maneuver without the use of cars.

A Family Wedding in New Orleans

The entire trip was wonderful because we were constantly surrounded by family. Kevin got to meet members of my family that he had only heard stories about all while visiting a city with so much food and culture, it is hard to see it all in one go.

We spent the majority of our time walking around the French Quarter and eating as much food as possible. It was a lot of fun introducing Kevin to the many different foods I miss almost daily while living in Florida. Staying in the Quarter made it very easy because the entire area is very walkable and friendly, during the day at least. For anybody that has never been to New Orleans before, you do have to be careful while staying in the French Quarter. After dark, make sure not to wander too freely.

Kevin Banogon is New Orleans.

After picking Kevin up at the airport (he arrived two days after I did, we had to head over to my favorite beignet spot, Morning Call, in Metairie. The beignets are larger than the ones served at Café Du Monde in the French Quarter and the atmosphere is much more neighborly instead of touristy.

Kevin and Paul in the French Quarter.

Kevin and Meredith in New Orleans.

Any stay in the French Quarter is not complete without a picture taken in front of Jackson Square. The square was designed by landscape architect, Louis H. Pilié, and features a sculpture of Battle of New Orleans hero and future U.S. President Andrew Jackson in the center.

The French Quarter in New Orleans, LA.

Corinne and Dan are finally married.

It was a beautiful ceremony and reception held at Southern Oaks Plantation. It was great to be with the entire family to celebrate my sister and her husband’s love. The entire event was perfect! Kevin obviously bonded with my cousins, as is relevant in the picture below.

Kevin seems to get along with Meredith's cousins.

Meredith Lambert in New Orleans.

Kevin Banogon in New Orleans, LA.

The Omni Royal Orleans was a lovely hotel to stay at during our trip. The rooftop pool allowed for a gorgeous view of the city while the hallways had a very old world, New Orleans feel to them. By that, of course, I mean that they were slightly eerie and could have been haunted.

Kevin Banogon in a New Orleans Hotel.

New Orleans gravesite of Joyce Magne.

Joyce and Charles Magne's resting place.

To complete the family trip to New Orleans, we took a moment to visit our grandfather and grandmother’s (on my mother’s side) graves. There we left the flower arrangement that stood behind my sister and her new husband while they said their vows.

Storyland in New Orleans.


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