On the Road to Canlaon City

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After a fun and family filled visit to La Libertad, we left for a three day trip to Canlaon City to experience the slower speed of life in the mountains of the islands of Negros. On the way to Canlaon, we stopped in San Carlos City where we briefly visited the hospital where Kevin’s brother, Sean, was born. San Carlos was an interesting city, but we didn’t spend too much time there as we got back on the winding roads to Canlaon.

Tourists Traveling through the Philippines

I would be lying if I said traveling throughout the Philippines was easy, but one thing that makes it significantly easier is having people from the area guiding you. Of course, for us, this was Kevin’s parents. Therefore in order to make our way from La Libertad to San Carlos, and finally to Canlaon; we were able to use quick and inexpensive means.

Beautiful mountains spring up along the road to Canlaon City.

Banana fields stretch out in the distance on the way to Canlaon City.

Petty cabs zoom down the road in San Carlos City on the way to Canlaon.

In order to make our way between the larger cities, we rented a van and drove through the mountains and agriculture fields. However once we reached a city like San Carlos, we would move quickly through the city on personally rented out jeepneys or pedicabs.

We primarily used pedicabs to move around the city because our entire group could fit on one and they were very inexpensive. Although you pay per person for a pedicab, you would typically see entire families with their groceries stacked on one pedicab.

Petty Cabs all lined up waiting for passengers in The Philippines.

Meredith Lambert in a petty cab in San Carlos, The Philippines.

Meredith Lambert and Kevin Banogon hanging out in a petty cab in The Philippines.

Visiting the Mountains of Canlaon City

The road trip to Canlaon City from La Libertad was full of beautiful peaks into the landscape of the Philippines. As an individual trained to take notice and appreciate the natural world around them, it was the rural nature of the mountain villages that appealed to me the most. It was beautiful to see the small homes and towns that would pop up on the way the base of the Canlaon Volcano.

When we arrived in Canlaon we stayed at the Midway Restaurant & Travel Inn, a small inn directly off the road into Canlaon. The inn was adequate as it provided the essentials; a bed to sleep in, a shower with mildly hot water, and an affordable breakfast in the morning. However it was just that, a place to stay off the road with no thrills and the threat of bugs. But overall the people were nice and our stuff was safe as we explored the area.

Rice fields on the way to Canlaon City.

Tunnel of trees on the road to Canlaon.

A Jeepney is a popular mode of transportation in The Philippines.

The Midway Inn in Canlaon City was on abode for the week.
Delicious native Filippino fruit Meredith and Kevin enjoyed in Canlaon.

The Rice Fields of Canlaon

Although they are not a natural component of the landscape, the rice fields found in the foothills of the Canlaon Volcano were extremely beautiful and vast. They are worked into the landscape so well that they have become a truly beautiful part of the topography. During our adventure around the Canlaon area the next day, we would experience an even closer look at the rice fields as we visited Canlaon Farms.

And, of course, there are few things as relaxing as watching a water buffalo roll around in the mud of a rice field to cool off from the tropical temperatures.

Rice fields at the foot of the Canlaon Volcano.

Rice Fields found in the Philippines outside of Canlaon City.

Water buffalo relaxing in the rice fields in Canlaon.

A delicious family meal in Canlaon City.

A handsome family dog in Canlaon City.

Canlaon is the area that Kevin’s mother grew up so we got to meet more family in the area and enjoy more family dinners and gatherings. On this particular night, we had a large family dinner outside where we got to talk and eat in the cooler weather of the mountains.

Family meal in Canlaon City.

Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to The Philippines!


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