Our Future Wedding at Vintage Court

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Mission Complete! Step One Successful! Objective Obtained! No matter how we put it, all of it adds up to one glorifying truth: we have found and booked our wedding venue in New Orleans!

What this means for our friends and family is that there is finally a set date and location for Meredith Lambert and Kevin Banogon to truly become an old married couple!

Touring New Orleans Wedding Venues

During our family trip to New Orleans at the end of February, we toured a healthy variety of potential wedding venues in New Orleans to find the perfect place for Kevin and I to say ‘I do’. I wanted to make sure that we all got a chance to see a full spectrum of venues from the heart of the French Quarter to the shaded alcoves of the North Shore.

With a fully packed schedule and a van full of helpful opinions, we spent two days touring wedding locations for the wedding ceremony and the reception. And as it always seems to be the case, we found what we were looking for in the last place we looked.

Choosing A Vintage Court Wedding

Vintage Court is a lovely venue located in Covington on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. The site was once a convent with a small chapel, but in 1996 the owners renovated it, preserving the architecture and grounds, but converting it into a full service wedding venue.

Ironically, this deciding trip was not the first visit to Vintage Court for myself, Kevin, or my dad. We had all taken brief tours around the grounds and it was actually the very first possible wedding location my Aunt suggested to me when she heard what we were looking for. However it took touring other potentials for us to truly see that Vintage Court was the clear choice.

Choosing A December 12th Wedding

When choosing a date for our wedding, Kevin and I wanted it to be a date that held significance. So naturally we wanted to preserve our existing anniversary of December 12th. Once we realized that this was do-able and available, it became a complete no-brainer.

We will be getting married on the day we have already been celebrating for 10 years, the day Kevin finally plucked up the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend.




The initial feature that drew us to Vintage Court compared to the other options for a wedding venue in New Orleans were the grounds. Kevin and I both wanted a location that felt like it was a part of the natural world, which started to become difficult after deciding to have our wedding in New Orleans.




Since Vintage Court was built to serve as a convent, the grounds beautifully contain small alcoves throughout the overgrown greenery. The entirety of the garden space has an up-kept wildness to it that makes the place feel genuinely connected to nature, but still maintained enough for an event like a wedding.



The interior is extremely open and simple. The adornments are very minimal leaving the space looking clean and ready to take on the look and feel of our wedding. The layout also allows for guest to dance and congregate while still feeling like they can escape the crowd for a moment.




There are also plenty of windows flanking both sides of the aisle-like part of the space. Allowing for the interior to be lit by natural light during the day and for a connection of remain with the grounds throughout the night. There are also two long terraces running along the sides to allow people a chance to go outside if the weather permits.



The actually wedding ceremony will take place in the courtyard off a smaller room of the venue that will not be part of the reception. The reason for this is the beautiful Oak Tree that dominates the entire courtyard. Kevin and I will be saying our vows and becoming husband and wife under the encompassing arms of a 300 year old Live Oak Tree.




This Live Oak is one of those beautiful old growth trees whose branches have been so weighed down by the years, they have dipped down to gain support from the ground. Resurrection ferns cling to the limbs of the Vintage Court Live Oak adding an additional layer of life and texture to an already beautiful scene.

We can’t wait to get married under this magnificent tree!




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3 Comments on "Our Future Wedding at Vintage Court"

6 years 10 months ago

I was there. The crawfish and cake were tasty

Louis M. (Lou) Reese
7 years 1 month ago

Congratulations, you two! In case you don’t recognize the name, I’m you mother’s (Charlene) first cousin.(Charlene’s dad and my mother were brother and sister.) It appears as if you have a well-planned wedding and every chance for a very successful marriage. After the wedding, the next time you’re in New Orleans, give me a call and I’ll treat you to a real N’Awlins style dinner.