Peaceful Afternoons on Arabia Mountain

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One of the best things about moving to a new city is discovering the hidden gems and peaceful nooks to ‘call your own’. These are the things that begin to transform a new place into a new home. Fortunately for us, we found a one in the local Atlanta park, Arabia Mountain. Unfortunately for us, we had to say goodbye to it shortly after its discovery due to our big move across the country, but I’ll get into all that in a later post.

In order to honor such a lovely park that captured both Kevin and I’s heart, the following are some photos and anecdotes from a couple of afternoons we spent relaxing at Arabia Mountain.

Kevin Banogon takes in the winter beauty of Arabia Mountain, a lovely local park in Atlanta, Georgia.

The holes in the rocks at Arabia Mountain collect shallow puddles that reflect the Atlanta sky.


A Local Park in Atlanta

Arabia Mountain is a monadnock located in DeKalb County, Georgia, an area at the edge of Atlanta, Georgia. A monadnock is “an isolated rock hill, knob, ridge, or small mountain that rises abruptly from a gently sloping or virtually level surrounding plain” –Wikipedia. Arabia Mountain is one of three monadnocks in the greater Atlanta area. The other two are Stone Mountain and Panola Mountain.

This local park in Atlanta is free to visitors and is open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk. After a friend suggested we check it out, Arabia quickly became one of Kevin and I’s favorite places to spend a peaceful afternoon. The mountain offers countless nooks and crannies to explore giving you a sense of solitude even with the other daily visitors.







Remnants of the quarry are still apparent throughout the trails at Arabia Mountain outside of Atlanta, GA.

Detailed shot of the moss and water textures found on Arabia Mountain.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert Banogon spend Valentine's Day enjoying an Atlanta Trail on Arabia Mountain.

Valentine’s Day on Arabia Mountain

Kevin and I are not the type to do a whole lot on Valentine’s Day. Some years we decide to do something and plan an outing and other years we completely forget until the day of and just make dinner and hang out eating Valentine’s Day theme candy. In the moments that we feel up to planning something, we typically end up picking a local park and spend the day hanging out outside soaking in the weather with a good book and maybe a snack.

About two years ago, we spent the day exploring a local Miami park that we never had the chance to visit in the years prior, Matheson Hammock. For Valentine’s Day 2016, Kevin and I headed to Arabia Mountain to find some peace and solitude among the rocks. We set up our hammock and relaxed for the afternoon, reading books and soaking up the sun.

Meredith Lambert Banogon relaxes in the sun for an afternoon on Arabia Mountain with her husband.

Kevin Banogon relaxes in a hammock on top of Arabia Mountain on Valentine's Day.

Meredith Lambert Banogon jumps for joy on top of Arabia Mountain in Atlanta, GA.

A perfect Valentine's Day spot on Arabia Mountain in the sun of Atlanta.

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