Road Trip to Edinburgh

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After our time exploring the Isle of Skye, Kevin and I began our road trip to Edinburgh to enjoy our final days in Scotland. Since this was a longer distance to traverse in a day than our drive to the Isle of Skye, we were not able to make as many stops along the way. Even though we passed some beautiful scenery we would have loved to explore further.

These stops would have included exploring the hiking trails up Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the United Kingdom and the British Isles. Also a stop to visit the Birnam Oak to satisfy my desire to visit as many ancient trees as possible. Unfortunately we had to drive on in order to make it to Edinburgh in time to return the rental car and get situated in our AirBnB for the night.

However even without these stops, the drive was beautiful and well worth the time it took. We drove through some pretty remote areas and got to see the transition from the Highlands of Scotland to a major city like Edinburgh. And like all road trips we enjoyed listening to music to fit the mood and gorging ourselves with local snacks and candy.

A beautiful lone house on the road from the Isle of Skye to Edinburgh, Scotland.

The turbulent ocean off the coast of Scotland during a storm.

Little white homes sitting on the rolling hills of Scotland seen during a road trip to Edinburgh.

A beautiful, but gloomy road trip to Edinburgh.

A beautiful look at the Scottish landscape while on the road during a road trip to Edinburgh from the Isle of Skye.

A Rainy Road Trip to Edinburgh

The clouds continued to hang low as we left the Isle of Skye and buckled into the six hour road trip to Edinburgh. However the misty gray backdrop only increased the beauty of the Scottish landscape as we drove along relatively empty roads through the Highlands. As two people that have spent the majority of our lives surrounded by the saturated colors and broad leafed beauty found throughout Florida, it was refreshing to be in a place so extremely different. When sojourning like this, one certainly wouldn’t have to be worried about the baggage encumbering them; not when you have compact bags like these.

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With its fine textures and desaturated colors, Scotland’s plant life makes a strong impression against the bold mountains and jagged cliff edges of the area. No matter if it is the tall, thin trees or the perpetually wet grassy lichen that covers the country, the homogenous appearance of the flora allows for the dramatic contours of the landscape to take center stage.

A single white home sits right off the road during a road trip to Edinburgh from the Isle of Skye.

Meredith Lambert Banogon and Kevin Banogon pose in front of Scotland's landscape during their honeymoon.

Moss covered trees on the shore of Loch Oich on a road trip to Edinburgh.

Meredith Lambert Banogon wanders through the mossy trees on the shore of Loch Oich.

Roadside stop at Loch Oich and the Craig Liath Wood

During our road trip to Edinburgh we did make one road side stop that was magical. As we drove along the shore of Loch Oich, we were instantly drawn to the beauty of the Craig Liath Wood and felt the need to stop to do a bit of exploring. The mossy ground cover and tall trees made this exactly the type of environment Kevin and I wish we could experience regularly.

The proximity to the road did little to diminish the beauty of the area. In fact it added to the magic of the place since it brought to life the love the people of Scotland have for their wild places. They love them enough to leave them alone and let them exist in all their beauty.

On the other side of the roadway, the moss covered trees on the shore of Loch Oich looked like a camp scene straight out of the Lord of the Rings. It is no wonder how through time so many authors and poets have been inspired by the beauty of this place. As for Kevin and I, we were inspired to take an extreme amount of pictures to remember this little roadside stop.

The mossy forest of the Craig Liath Wood near the Well of the Seven Heads.

An shot looking up at the tall trees in the Craig Liath Wood near the shore of Loch Oich.

Meredith Lambert Banogon poses in the Craig Liath Wood during her road trip to Edinburgh.

The colors of spring start to show in the Craig Liath Wood in the Highlands of Scotland.

Meredith Lambert Banogon looks up at the beautiful, tall trees in the Craig Liath Wood.

Kevin Banogon stands in the Craig Liath Wood near the shore of Loch Oich during his road trip to Edinburgh.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert Banogon take a selfie in the Craig Liath Wood during their honeymoon in Scotland.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert Banogon enjoy the serene beauty of the Craig Liath Wood during their road trip to Edinburgh.

Enjoy a Short Video of Our Honeymoon in Scotland

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