Road Trip to New Orleans with Merevin

Published: 12/23/13 10:29 PM in North America, Travel.

Apparently after Kevin’s beautiful proposal on the Trail of the Cedars, we have to actually get serious and begin planning a wedding. So we obviously have to start at step one; choosing a wedding venue and date. And in order to get started, we took a short road trip to New Orleans, Louisiana to begin our hunt for the right spot!

Why the Road Trip to New Orleans

When we were discussing where we wanted to get married, Kevin and I immediately decided one thing; surrounded by nature. Both of us agree that getting married surrounded by the grand beauty and wildness of nature would represent our relationship and what we enjoy together. The major question that came after that was which type of landscape should we go with and where can it be found?

We decided to start looking in New Orleans since that is where I am originally from and where the majority of my family still lives. Since we know we want to be surrounded by our friends and family, New Orleans will be an easy place for everyone to convene for the event.

After getting exhausted from months of looking at less then thrilling or too expensive venues online, we decided to rent a car and take the 12 hour road trip to New Orleans to scope out potential parks where we could have the ceremony.




We decided to rent a car to save the miles on our own cars and to have a more reliable car for the trip. Our primary concern was to rent a car that would get good highway MPGs to lessen our spend on gas. We ended up with an adorable little Toyota Yaris that swiftly took us through Florida and the city of New Orleans. The gas milage was great, inexpensive to fill up and each tank lasted about 300-400 miles.



Going through the tunnel in Alabama on your way to New Orleans was very exciting to me. As a kid, we drove to New Orleans frequently to visit family and every time the tunnel was one of my favorite parts. Not only is going through a tunnel extremely fun on it’s own, but it also meant that we only had a couple of hours left until we got to see family!





After completing our road trip to New Orleans, Kevin and I celebrated our arrival by having dinner at Acme Oyster House in Covington where we were staying with my aunt. If you have never been then I’ll assure you, you should be jealous. In all the years I have eaten here I have never once been disappointed. The Chargrilled Oysters alone are worth the trip and I don’t even like oysters!



One of the parks we wanted to visit during this trip was New Orleans’ City Park. Since it was an overcast, rainy day we primarily drove through the park. However we did take a mini hike through the Couturie Forrest part of the park.





The park was beautiful and peaceful, however the purely public areas were a little too wild for a large wedding to be held there. In the park there are tons of beautiful wedding venues that can be rented however they are a little too expensive than Kevin and I are looking for. We don’t think it should be that expensive to get married in nature.




After eating an amazingly delicious dinner with family, we all headed our to Café du Monde to enjoy some delicious coffee and beignets. Again, you should be jealous.




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