Staying at the Lalimar Resort in La Libertad

Published: 08/24/13 3:17 AM in Asia, Travel.

While staying in La Libertad, we stayed at the Lalimar Resort right outside of the town. The resort was very beautiful, peaceful, and well designed for a comfortable taste of island life, just like the last villa we stayed by booking it form villa rentals in Mexico. The only difference being that the villa was by a sand filled beach and this resort is not. The rooms were all free standing cabins that faced out toward the water, creating a serene sense of peace and isolation.

The landscaping around the buildings was very lush and added to the secluded feeling of each room. While the pool created a perfect place for gathering with other guest of Lalimar Resort. The pool featured an infinity edge that made the entire pool area blend seamlessly with the ocean beyond.

We stayed at the Lalimar Resort for a full week of our month long trip and felt very comfortable and at home here. The resort definitely gave off the feeling of the island life while allowing the guests to have all the modern amenities (like a warm shower).

During out week at Lalimar, we did everything from enjoy the peace of being alone to partying with the Banogon clan during the Banogon family reunion. This resort was a great place to start our adventure around the central islands of the Philippines!



My favorite part of this resort was the proximity of the ocean and the freedom to enter the water at any point of the shore. The entirety of the Lalimar Resort runs along the coast so that every cabin is right off the edge of the water. Therefore at any point of the resort, you are mere steps away from a dip in the ocean.




The lush landscaping around the cabins was beautiful and intricate. The meandering paths through the greenery lead you from end to end of the resort taking you directly through the main structure and pool area. This made navigating the resort quite a bit easier and free from any complications.





The water in the Philippines is incredibly clear! It was amazing how far down you could see as you continued to move into deeper waters. This clarity become even more pronounced in later weeks when Sean, Kevin, and I decided to go scuba diving of the coast of Cebu.







Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to The Philippines!

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La Libertad with Merevin
On our way to La Libertad

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