Sunset Paddle Boarding in Miami

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There are a wide variety of outdoor activities in Florida for residents and visitors to enjoy throughout the year. However there is one Florida outdoor activity that has gained an increasing amount of popularity in the past few years. That activity would be, the still relatively new, paddle boarding, which has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years as it becomes more accessible for the general public to enjoy.

However even with its spike in popularity, there was still a group of us living in Miami, Florida that had not yet taken the time to experience the art of standing on a board while propelling ourselves with an oar. And as residents of a city primarily famous for its proximity to water, we found this to be inexcusable. So with the help of a Groupon deal, this quickly became another activity we had to take part in before saying goodbye to Miami.

Meredith Lambert Banogon and Brennan Baxley enjoy an evening of paddle boarding in Miami, Florida.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert Banogon paddle board through inlets in Miami off the Venetian Causeway.

Paddle boarding under the Venetian Causeway at sunset in Miami, Florida.

Meredith Lambert Banogon gets confident standing on her paddle board during a great Florida outdoor activity.

Paddle Boarding: An Excellent Florida Outdoor Activity

The ocean is one of those things that you have to appreciate while you have access to it or you will never make the effort to visit it. Unfortunately for me, Kevin and I have never quite fully appreciated the ocean the way it deserves since we have been spoiled with constant access throughout our lives. We are not really beach or boat people nor do we have any skill for surfing or diving. However whenever we remember how much fun the salty water can be, we do begin to regret not enjoying it more while we could.

So when we finally got around to experiencing paddle boarding, we wished we had done it sooner! The skill of the activity is pretty much the same as those needed to canoe or kayak, however the act of standing adds a whole new level of balance and focus your body must maneuver. I actually found the entire experience more enjoyable than kayaking since you have more access to the water and can jump in and out as often as you like.

Alicia Doreteo enjoys a Florida outdoor activity while paddle boarding at sunset.

Jessica Estrada stands confidently on a paddle board during sunset of a Florida outdoor activity.

The group passes under the Venetian Causeway as they continue to paddle board in Miami, Florida.

The FLorida sky turns pink as sunset approaches over the water in Miami, Florida.

The Sunset Beyond Downtown Miami

Besides enjoying a new Florida outdoor activity, the most memorable part of sunset paddle boarding in Miami was the actual sunset. Watching the sun as it makes it slow and steady descent into the horizon is a beautiful part of every single day of our lives. And although this is an event that takes place every single day, it is not often enjoyed by the majority of the population trying to finish up their days. Therefore it becomes a special moment when you take the time to witness the magic of the sky during sunset (or sunrise for that matter).

This particular sunset was not the first one I witnessed beyond the skyscrapers of downtown Miami nor will it be my last. However that does not diminish the beauty of watching the sky catch fire, taking the ocean with it. In fact, watching as you drift on a board floating the ocean makes it that much more beautiful.

The group of paddle boarders continues to enjoy a popular Florida outdoor activity as sunset approaches.

A brilliant sunset over the ocean with the city of Miami in the distance enjoyed while paddle boarding.

Meredith Lambert sits on her paddle board as she waits for the sun to set during a Florida outdoor activity.

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