The Outdoor Beauty of a Virginia Wedding

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Attending a wedding is always a good time for myself and Kevin. What’s not to love about delicious food, drinks, dancing, and celebrating two people’s love for one another? However, the icing on the (figurative) cake is when you are able to attend the wedding of a particularly close friend that has been a part of your lives for years. This type of celebration is the made all the more special by the heightened sense of investment you have in the person and their future happiness.

This was the case with Alex. Kevin and I have each known Alex since before we knew each other, a fact reserved only for those we have known since early high school and the years prior. In fact, when Kevin and I to got married a year ago, we asked Alex to officiate our wedding ceremony since he has been an important part of our lives for so long and the fact that he has a beautiful way with words was also a huge bonus.

Kevin and I felt honored to be present for Alex and Ana’s beautiful wedding in Virginia. The wedding was also an amazing reason to get together and spend time with friends we wish we were able to see more often. The fact that we got to spend time with them before and after the wedding itself gave the entire weekend an extra special dose of fun!

Kevin Banogon and Kyle Jahn relax in a hammock outside a cottage at Montfair Resort Farm while they wait for the start of Alex Glass's wedding.

Kevin Banogon, Kyle Jahn, Ariel Fleischer, and Alexander Glass walk through the woods around Montfair Resort Farm before the start of the wedding.

Alexander Glass makes a handsome husband as he awaits the start of his Virginia wedding at Montfair Resort Farm.

One of the picturesque cottages at Montfair Resort Farm where the wedding party stayed before an outdoor Virginia wedding.

Kyle Jahn and Alexander Glass embrace their years of friendship before Alex's wedding.

An Outdoor Virginia Wedding at Montfair Resort Farms

As the venue for their big day, Alex and Ana chose Montfair Resort Farms, a peaceful farm located about 30 minutes outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. On the grounds there are 9 modest cottages that visitors can stay in for a relaxing retreat in the foothills of Shenandoah National Park. The cottages offer modern amenities such as a kitchen, heating, and a bathroom but they retain a simple charm that allows you to stay connected with the fact that you are removed from the lights and roads of the city.

The wedding ceremony itself was set up so that the bride and groom would become husband and wife with the crest of the mountains behind them. Inside the venue had a rustic feel that matched the look and atmosphere of the resort without seeming like it was trying to look like a Pinterest board. The grounds also offered an easy nature trail perfect for a morning hike but make sure you are careful about following the blazes to stay on trail since it can be a bit confusing as you navigate through the overgrown areas.

Alexander Glass, Kyle Jahn, and Kevin Banogon pose among the trees surrounding Montfair Resort Farm before the start of the outdoor Virginia wedding.

Alexander Glass wears a simple singular flower during his wedding ceremony at Montfair Resort Farm.

The scenic set up for the outdoor Virginia wedding of Alexander and Anastasia Glass.

Alexander and Anastasia Glass are finally officially married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Virginia.

The Beauty of Alex and Ana Glass

When a close friend gets married all you can do is hope, not only that they are the right person for them, but that you ultimately get along with them. In the case of Ana, there was nothing to worry about. It was obvious from the start how happy she made Alex, and it was a pleasure to see how much she loved and cared for him. When they announced their engagement, it made us happy to know that they would be by each other’s sides forever.

As for getting along with her, what is there not to love! She is kind and caring, smart and funny, loves cats, and looks at Alex like he deserves to be looked at. Every time we have had the chance to hang out with her, we have a great time that leaves us wishing it was longer. Our only complaint is that we don’t get to hang out with the both of them on a more regular basis.

One of the best parts of attending any wedding is the pleasure of seeing two people so excited to start their lives together. That was definitely the case at Alex and Ana’s wedding, but the feeling of investment in their lifelong happiness made the entire event much more personal.

The beautiful set up for the wedding of Alex and Ana Glass at Montfair Resort Farm in Virginia.

The indoor set up at Montfair Resort Farm in Virginia for a simple rustic wedding.

Alexander Glass and Anastasia Glass celebrate their marriage at Montfair Resort Farms surrounded by friends and family.

Kevin Banogon and Meredith Lambert Banogon were excited to attend such a beautiful and simple wedding in Virginia.

An Intimate and Relaxed Wedding in the Mountains

The best part of the wedding was the level of intimacy throughout the entire event. The guest count was kept small and the venue allowed enough space to socialize freely while keeping people generally in the same area. After the ceremony, everyone gathered for drinks and hors d’oeuvre outside as the couple had the chance to greet and talk to each individual guest. Dinner followed complete with speeches and toasts, and the rest of the ‘official reception’ was spent chatting around an indoor fireplace.

However even after the majority of the guests began to head in for the night, the staff at Montfair allowed the bride, groom, and any guests that hung around to spend the evening in front of a bonfire by the lake and gave us complete control of the music being pumped out of the main building. As long as we cleared out by 10pm to head back to the cabins, we had the place to ourselves. It was a perfectly relaxed way to wind down the evening surrounded by new and old friends, celebrating the love of Alex and Ana.

Kyle Jahn, Alexander Glass, and Kevin Banogon pose together before the ceremony of an outdoor Virginia wedding.

Anastasia Glass and Alex Glass have a peaceful moment after their beautiful outdoor Virginia wedding.

Kyle Jahn gives his best man speech at Alex and Ana Glass' wedding at Montfair Resort Farm in Virginia.

Alexander Glass and Anastasia Glass are all smiles after their wedding at Montfair Resort Farms in Virginia.

Kevin Banogon, Meredith Lambert Banogon, Alexander Glass, Anastasia Glass, Kyle Jahn, and Ariel Fleischer pose together after the beautiful outdoor ceremony of this Virginia wedding.

The bonfire that went late into the night to end the Virginia wedding at Montfair Resort Farms.

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