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Published: 08/22/13 3:51 AM in Asia, Travel.

In 2011, after finishing our Landscape Architecture thesis projects we took a month long trip to The Philippines to meet and visit Kevin’s family there. Since Kevin and his brother were born in the United States, they don’t know their extended family as well as they would like. In fact, Kevin was so young when they had last visited that he barely remembers meeting most of his relatives at all.

However that would all change during this month long adventure! We got to spend lots of quality time with the entire Banogon clan and travelled with different family members to a variety of locations throughout the archipelago including Cebu City, Canlaon Volcano, and the island of Bohol.

From the United States to The Philippines

The entire trip to the Philippines was amazing, but getting there was equally astounding. Since Kevin’s brother is a pilot, we flew to The Philippines on buddy passes. Which meant that with his brother’s expert planning, we flew first class the entire way! This was the first time either of us had flown first class, so we were pretty taken aback by all of the amenities.

For such a long flight, it felt nice to have some room and be able to somewhat stretch out. The food was also delicious and they give you the best blanket and pillow I’ve ever had on a plane; I’ve seen such blankets only on thisย website. It was definitely a flight to remember and now that I have been spoiled, I wonder how I am going to cope with my next fully paid for international flight.



Flying first class across the Pacific is the way to go! The seats lean so far back, you have a personal screen that you are able to put away, and you get a choice of food from a menu. It made the 22 hour flight to Japan a lot easier to cope with and actually an enjoyable part of the trip.






We landed in Japan for a brief layover and Kevin and I excitedly explored as much of the airport as we could! We have made many vows to one day visit Japan because this first brief taste of the country was not nearly enough. We soon boarded another amazing plane for 6 more hours of flying before we arrived in the Philippines.





When we first arrived in the Philippines it was in the capital, Manila. We only stayed in Manila for a couple of hours while we waited for a local airlines to board a flight to our ultimate destination, Cebu. Kevin’s parents were very excited to be back home! His dad was especially excited to be back for a month spending time with his family.



After a long day of traveling, we arrived in Cebu City in the early hours of the morning and had to take care of some very important business in the form of a nice nap. We arrived at Kevin’s aunt’s house and crashed on his cousin’s bed. After regaining some semblance of life, we headed to the mall for our first evening out in the Philippines!


Check out the video below to see a snippets from our entire trip to The Philippines!


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On our way to La Libertad
Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Samara House

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