Traversing Big Sky Country

Published: 10/12/13 3:53 AM in North America, Travel.

Throughout our trip to Montana, we did plenty of driving up and down Big Sky Country. This gave us the opportunity to witness the changes in topography, lifestyle, and town size found throughout western Montana from Bozeman to Glacier National Park and back again. However there was always one constant throughout the journey, the big and expansive sky.

Maybe it is the flatness of the agricultural fields or maybe it is the presence of the mountains. No matter what causes it, the vastness of the sky is certainly something to behold. It’s presence makes one feel a sense of freedom only increased by the presence of such beautiful natural surroundings.

Our Journey through Big Sky Country

The majority of our trip through Big Sky Country was during our 6 hour drive to Glacier National Park from Bozeman, Montana and then six hours back a few days later. During this trip we passed through cities and towns such as Helena, Augusta, Choteau, and Browning.

All of these towns were very cute and small, some of which were as small as one street. Helena was especially interesting since it is rather small to be the capital of Montana.

Thoughts on Montana

To people who have never been before, Montana may seem like a relatively boring state with little offer during a visit. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. Big Sky Country is not only home to some of the wondrous beauties of the American landscape, but is also home to some of the nicest, easy going people. It is definitely a state worth visiting and exploring. I have been twice now and still feel like I need to return!

The view of Glacier National Park while driving through Big Sky Country.

The Rocky Mountains in the distance in Big Sky Country.

Bozeman, Montana has a great selection of candy within Big Sky Country.

Viggo's Bookstore sells new and used books in Big Sky Country.

Alicia and I were very excited about the array of candy we came across in Bozeman. Although most of it was the typical selection, there were tons of classics that they just don’t have in Miami. Bozeman also has some great bookstores, like Vargo’s Jazz City & Books. They carry new and used books so that you can choose to buy a used version of the book you seek if they have it.

The mountains of Glacier National Park look beautiful in any part of Big Sky Country.

The expansive sky stretches across Big Sky Country.

Mongolian Barbecue makes for a delicious meal in Big Sky Country.

The food at Mongolian Barbecue is uniquely prepared and served.
The road is long and winding throughout the western part of Montana.

The roads were long and winding as we made our way through Montana. Although the drive may seem monotonous, the changes in topography kept it fun and, at times, exciting.

The dogs are quite hug in Bozeman, Montana.


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