Universal Studios with the Bachelorette

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This past February I had the pleasure of joining one of my favorite people in honor of some of her last days as a single woman and in celebration of her impending nuptials. That’s right, it was a bachelorette weekend for my cousin Katie! And as a perfect tribute to the attitude and spirit of the Bride, we spent the weekend at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure enjoying the rides and having a ton of fun.

The entire trip was three full days of theme park fun including a wonderful stay at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort on the grounds of Universal Studios. Since we were staying at one of Universal’s resorts, we got to enjoy some additional benefits that made the trip extra amazing and made it stand out from any other trip to a theme park that this Floridian has ever made.

These benefits included a very convenient boat ride to City Park where we could get to the entrance of either park, an unlimited Express Pass to use to skip the long lines for rides, and free entrance into all the clubs on City Walk. The most useful of these was the unlimited Express Pass! When you don’t have to worry about the length of the lines you are able to experience all the rides even if you are only mildly interested or short on time. Because of the Express Pass, we never felt rushed or like we would miss anything. We were able to concentrate on having fun!

Our Day at Universal Studios

One of our three days at the theme parks in Orlando was spent at Universal Studios. I hadn’t been to this park for years so it was very exciting to get the chance to spend the day there and partake in some of the new attractions. And I have to say, I was surprised by how much fun it was. I don’t remember Universal Studios having that many fun and exciting rides, but the day was completely action packed!

The fountain in the atrium of the Loews Royal Pacific Resort.

A group of New Orleans girls find the French Quarter in Orlando.

When you are from New Orleans, no matter where you go, the spirit of NOLA follows you! Since Mardi Gras season was approaching, Universal Studios had started their Mardi Gras parade schedule and everywhere we went people asked if we were attending the parade that night. Being that our entire group was from New Orleans (all except for me currently living there), we thought it was very entertaining!

It seems that they all left Louisiana to wind up back in the French Quarter!

The Blues Brothers stage set up at Universal Studios.

The Blues Brothers play at Universal Studio in Orlando.

The Bride dances with Jake of the Blues Brothers.

Jake, of the Blues Brothers, and the Bride dance on stage.

One of the highlights of the day was attending the Blues Brothers performance! The performers were excellent and, of course, the addition of a Conga Player to the band was awesome. Katie, aka Bride-to-Be, got pulled up to dance with Jake which was a lot of fun and our whole group formed a conga-line behind Elwood during their last song. Katie’s Maid of Honor, Cheri, is a huge Blues Brothers fan and was very excited when she got to wear Elwood’s hat and dance to their final song!

The Blues Brothers preform an awesome show during a bachelorette party at Universal Studios.

The maid of honor dances with Elwood of the Blues Brothers.

Optimus Prime looks over the crowd at Universal Studios.

An amazing Megatron actor at Universal Studios.

Outside of the new Transformers ride, there was a character actor dressed up at Megatron! This has to be the best character costume that I have ever seen at a theme park. The suit was so detailed and very large, it even had a voice changing feature that made the actor sound just like Megatron.

The actor himself was great! I could have stood around and listened to everything they said as visitors had pictures taken with them. It was hilarious and very much something Megatron would have to say about us humans.





Entering the brand new Simpsons area at Universal Studios was like entering a major part my childhood memories. Suddenly all the places and events I used to be so familiar with during my after school hours physically existed and were completed with such attention to detail!



Moe’s Tavern was probably my favorite part because it was just like in the cartoon. You could hang out at the bar and order a Flaming Moe or hang out in the corner and try your luck with The Love Tester. The Love Tester didn’t seem to like the Bride-to-Be as she got a score of ‘Cold Fish’.




The Simpsons ride was definitely one of the moments we were extremely happy we had the Express Pass from the resort. As you can see, the line was pretty long and winding, but with the Express Pass, we zoomed through the wait. The Express line took you up and over the normal line, so we got pretty cocky standing up high looking down at those regular line waiters.



One of the most exciting and sad parts of going to Universal Studios in February of 2014 was that the expansion to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is still under construction, but is SO close to being finished. From the Express Lane of The Simpsons ride we had a good view of King’s Cross Station and the unfinished rooftops of Diagon Alley. Along the fence there are little windows that you can peek through to see the state the construction is in. Never have I felt so close to pure joy, but then so far at the same time.




Whenever I get to hang out with Katie it always ends up being one of my favorite times of the year! So this year is extra special because I get to see her so often for wedding related activities. I am so excited to see her get married to someone who appreciates how amazing and awesome she is!






That night we went out for a delicious dinner and then went out along City Park. Although it seems that you can’t take a group of New Orleans girls out near a Pat’O Brien’s without having them stay there all night! It was a lot of fun and the atmosphere was nice, but the 2am last call was a surprise!



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