Urban Canoeing in Miami’s Little River

Published: 07/7/14 11:35 AM in North America, Travel.

To celebrate the Fourth of July, Kevin and I joined Matt and Steffy Degreff for an urban canoeing adventure through Miami’s Little River. We wanted to get outdoors to celebrate the 4th, but it was nice to keep the adventure local and see different side of Miami than the one that faces the street.

How Our Urban Canoeing Adventure Started

Matt has an amazing job as a freelance photographer and filmography, his awesome film reel is just a taste of the cool projects he has worked on. He recently shot a short video for a local ceramic potter, Jeff Rogers, that has a quaint studio in the Little River neighbor. Jeff told Matt he could use the canoes he owns and take them for a ride down Little River.

So we decided that it would be the perfect July 4th adventure! We geared up, launched the boats and headed east along Miami’s Little River.

Meredith Lambert experiences urban canoeing through Miami's Little River.

Urban canoeing through the backyards of the residents of Little River.

Matt and Steffy canoe through Little River in Miami's Little Haiti.

Steffy and Matt were great urban canoeing partners! True to form as a successful fashion blogger, Steffy was sure to take lots of pictures as we made our way down the river. And since the current did most of the work for us, it was easy to take a break as we rowed toward the bay.

Miami travel bloggers, Meredith Lambert and Kevin Banogon, experience the adventure of urban canoeing.

Urban canoeing through Miami's Little River gives you a peek into the backyards of Miami.

Kevin Banogon enjoys urban canoeing through Miami's Little River.

Canoeing through the backyards of Miami’s Little River residences was surprisingly beautiful! Miami may be a place with many unattractive features (traffic, urban design, etc.), but the raw landscape that survives the urban expansion is extremely lush and beautiful.

A peaceful look into the backyards of Miami's Little River residences.

Steffy Degreff having a great time urban canoeing through Miami's Little River.

Canoeing under small bridges along Miami's Little River.

As we canoed through Little River, we had to pass under a few roadways. This made the experience very different from our canoeing trip around the Ten Thousand Islands. However the narrow dimensions of the river also made the current easy to paddle along with.

Kevin Banogon canoes under a low overpass along Miami's Little River during his urban canoeing adventure.

The lush tropical surroundings of Miami's Little River make for an adventurous urban canoeing experience.

Canoeing on the Fourth of July is a great way to celebrate America.

God Bless America! There is no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than to spend time outdoors with some friends! Canoeing was just the beginning of our holiday, but it was a good start that yielded some great stories.

Miami travel bloggers, Meredith Lambert and Kevin Banogon, canoe through Miami's Little River.

Matt and Steffy Degreff take it easy in the sun during their urban canoeing adventure.

Canoeing through the urban areas of Miami's Little River.

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Charlene Kirsten
5 years 10 months ago

Could this Meredith be the same daughter (at 15) that started her watch when we rented a kayak in Captiva and informed me that I had better not push it past the one hour mark?
..and warned me not to get too close to a dolphin because it might bump and flip us?
Oh Mer, how Kevin has awakened your enthusiasm for nature!