Visiting The Tree of Life – Etienne de Boré Oak

Published: 12/26/13 8:58 PM in Grand Trees, Local, North America, Travel.

During our brief road trip to New Orleans, Kevin and I stopped to visit the Tree of Life in Audubon Park. Also known as Etienne de Boré Oak, this oak tree has been holding strong since around 1740 and is number 13 of the 43 original inductee trees of the Live Oak Society, a unique society entirely made up of beautiful oak trees. The Society promotes the culture, distribution, preservation and appreciation of the live oak tree and currently boasts 7290 members in 14 states.

Weddings Under The Tree of Life

Kevin and I visited The Tree of Life to both appreciate its beauty and strength as well as scope it out as a potential location for our wedding. Weddings under the Tree of Life are a common occurrence because of the legend which says the tree was first planted as a wedding gift for the bride of a New Orleans plantation owner many years ago. The location is very beautiful and dramatic, and if the legend is true, it is a true testament to everlasting love.

Regardless of one’s interest in scouting out wedding locations, I would highly recommend visiting The Tree of Life. Especially if you have an appreciation for aged, majestic trees! Pictures hardly do The Tree of Life justice as they cannot fully capture the way the tree encompasses its visitors. It is truly a magical location.







Upon arrival, it is immediately plain to see that The Tree of Life is something special. The entire canopy encompasses you and seems to hold you in place while you take in the grander of such an aged specimen. Today the trunk is just under 35 feet in circumference and the crown of limbs are more than 160 feet wide.





The broad gnarly base of roots at the foot of The Tree of Life add to the drama of the location. However they also bring a sense of peace as they make a great place to sit as you admire the size of the Oak.





The Tree of Life, like all great trees, deserves to be preserved and admired for countless years to come. Trees like this remind us of the strength and power of nature, and that true beauty comes from situations we did not control.



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Charlene Kirsten aka your mother
7 years 26 days ago

I am feeling nostalgic and missing New Orleans. I collected my samples for biology labs at Audubon Park looking for shaded areas…memories…not just of lichens, but of the scenery in this spacious park. Great pictures and perspective, Mer and Kevin.