Washington D.C. with Merevin

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On our way to New York, Kevin and I decided to stop in Washington D.C. to visit two of our friends living there. We were only in town for about a day, but it was definitely a beautiful and eventful day. We walked along the National Mall and visited quite a few of the national monuments, but didn’t have time to see them all. We need to return to visit the museums and take our time touring as much as possible!

A Brief Trip to Washington D.C.

We started our visit off by walking around the nearby neighborhoods of Virginia, a very charming and quaint area right outside the city of Washington D.C. Then we moved out to walk along the National Mall and begin visiting the monuments on the way. We ended our day in Chinatown spending some relaxing time with people we went to visit.

However brief the trip was, we got to spend some time with two of our closest friends so it was definitely worth the stop. However the next day we jumped on the bus and headed north to New York.



As you can see, the neighborhoods in Virginia are teaming with plant life. The entire area was covered in beautiful greenery that added a softness to the brick of the houses.




At the World War Two Memorial, we had to stop and give some love to our home state of Florida. It is where all of us grew up and started our friendships. The Memorial itself was very well constructed and had a towering pillar for all the states and countries that aided in the war. It was a larger than life memorial.




The Vietnam War Memorial was a very peaceful experience that still held the power behind the impact this war had on the USA. The Memorial was designed by Maya Lin, a well known artist that primarily creates land art. The design is simple and meaningful as it represents the scar the Vietnam War was on the history of the United States by becoming a scar itself on the land of the capital. The highly reflective glass allows visitors to see themselves in the names of the many deceased soldiers.



During this trip I have come to discover my favorite area on the National Mall, the stairs on the backside of the Lincoln Memorial. This spot allows you to sit in peace as you watch the traffic move across the Arlington Memorial Bridge. Since no other tourists wander to this part of the monument, you are able to find some quiet and solitude in a heavily populated area.







The next morning, before we headed up to New York City, we enjoyed an amazing burger on the Virginia side of the Potomac River. This burger was from Ray’s Hell Burger and boy, was it delicious! The best part for my was a garlic sauce that you can get on your burger as a condiment and I LOVE garlic.




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New York, New York With Merevin
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