Yellowstone National Park with Merevin

Published: 10/2/13 6:04 AM in National, North America, Travel.

On the way back to Bozeman, Montana from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Kevin and I drove through two great National Parks. Of course we had to drive back through the Grand Teton National Park and yellowstone rv parks. We decided to take the scenic route through Yellowstone and make a few stops along the way. These stops included Old Faithful, the Grand Prismatic Spring, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Although Yellowstone does truly seem to be the Disney World of National Parks, it was still amazing how much wildlife we saw despite the abundance of people. Bison completely don’t care about the people or the cars as they tend to meander along the roads. We also had a coyote run right in front of our car out of the blue! There were also a ton of Elk hanging out by Mammoth Hot Springs.

Old Faithful was definitely something to see as it was much bigger than I expected. The Old Faithful Inn located right next to this famous geyser was particularly neat since it was so thematic.

The most striking characteristic about Yellowstone National Park as a whole though was how wild and alive the entire place felt. At every turn there was a different picturesque angle to experience and, even if there was no wildlife in the scene, there was usually a steaming thermal pool. The rising steam constantly reminding you of the volcanic activity deep below your feet. Making every view extremely peaceful yet dramatic.














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Visiting the Grand Prismatic Spring
Grand Teton National Park with Merevin

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